Windows Installer Xml Toolset

Xml Windows Installer Toolkit

Would you like to create an installation package with WiX? information The. props files resolve.wixproj target and path to this place autmatically. As a result, buildscripts can simply reinstall this bundle (possibly with -ExcludeVersion) and use it to create an MSI without the need for extra piece of code on a buildserver.

A newer pre-release of this pack is available. For more information, see the versions listed below for technical assistance.

There are no interdependencies in this packet.

Toolset WIX Plugin

The Windows Installer XML toolset, called WiX, allows designers to design Installer for Windows Installer, the Windows Installer machine. At the heart of wicx is a suite of building utilities that make windows installer packs with the same building concept as the remainder of your product: it compiles your sources and then links them to executable files; in this case: execute set-up bundle, . install package, . install package, . install module, . patch module, and . patch.

You can use the Windows built utilities with any automatic buildsystem. MSBuild is also fully featured from the console, Visual Studio, and Team Builds. There are several enhancements to Windows Installer that provide features that go beyond Windows Installer. In this way, for example, WiX is able to set up IIS Web pages, set up SQL Server database, and record exclusions in Windows Firewall, among other things.

It is possible to append your Wix install location to the system environmental variables CATH or customize the install location in the graphical user interface. Ensure that you put the sub-directory Bin in the variables CATH. With the Wix Toolset Installer defaults, this means that you must C: \Program Files (x86)\Wix Toolset a3.

And X\bin to pathway. Starting with release 1.10, you no longer need to specify an install location in the overall configs. It displays a message if the install directory is absent, but tries to run Candle.exe and light.exe. Please dowload the latest WIX Toolset from (Tested with 3.7).

Please install the toolset according to the following steps. Append the bin folder to your locale CATH variables (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\WiX Toolset v3.7\bin). Navigate to System Setup and enter the WIX Toolset install location as shown in the screenshot below. If you have not added the executable toolsets to your CATH variables, this is only a fall-back feature.

To see detail during the building progress, please enable the global bug notifications. To use the WiX Toolset plug-in, you must have configured the plug-in and specified some settings. Type the location of the install location of your WiX Toolset. Fixed issue with spaces in folder name.

When entering the complete path to the binaries folder, the plug-in will check if the compile cartridges executable and left hand file are located in the specified folder. Or, if you have added Wix Toolset to your existing patch, don't use this entry box. Starting with 1.9, you can choose to add all available environmental variable values as parameter in candle.exe and light.exe.

Since not all parameter names or names are permitted, the plug-in itself determines which tags should be ignored (rejected). And if you get an error like the system cannot find the files named XXXX, verify that the XXXX is not the value of an environmental tag. In this case, include this tag in the denial group.

There were some corrections in the algorithms with release 1.10, so that folders in environmental variable are no longer filters. Simply type the name of the location of your XML document and enable the required extension. You must always enable the "UI Extension" for graphic installation. You can find further information about the different enhancements in the WIX Toolset manual.

sources: The found sources are combined to a unique objects filename and combined to a unique MSI-Paket. To define the sources, proceed as follows: qxs* compiles and links all directories that contain q13 in their name. Marks build-as unstable: Occasionally installer build (post build) may malfunction while the regular build-steps were working.

If you enable this checkbox, the install will be marked as instable and not fail. Merely the item file is generated and can be used by other mail builds to be integrated into a worldwide set-up. More information about the WIX Toolset Plugin can be found at

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