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Cydia Substrate must also be installed *before* installing WinterBoard. The WinterBoard is a "theme engine" that allows you to use the many themes you find on the Google Play Store on your device without having to install your own ROMs or use your own launcher. Cydia and Mobile Substrate developers today announced that Cydia Substrate will be joining Android. Anything like a winterboard for androids?

How is Cydia Substrate for Android & how to put Winterboard on it?

While the Cydia stores have always been there to save many iPhone owners, when their Android-capable friend starts taunting the iPhone because of its missing adaptability, the Cydia stores have always been there to save many of them. Granted, even a variety of optimizations and topics cannot keep up with the degree of modifications that a user-defined roma or root-level twaks and mods can provide for Android, but a set of such root-level twaks that can be used on the machine without flashing data during restoration has its benefits.

So some may find it a little preposterous that Saurik Cydia has published substrates and Winterboard on the Google Play Store, it may take Android customisation to a whole new plane! Below we take a more in-depth look at Cydia Substrate and show you how to get it installed on your Android machine and Winterboard (or other expansions as they become available) up and run.

The Cydia? Substratum? Winterboard? Let's take a closer look at Cydia substrates for Android before we take a closer look, because many Android endpoints who have never possessed a Java iDevice before are unlikely to be acquainted with it. The Winterboard is a theme board available as a free pack for download from the Cydia Shop for iPhoneOS.

You may already know that Cydia can only be deployed on Java based device types that are Java Broken (loosely similar to Android). Because Winterboard is a Cydia bundle, like all other optimizations and topics available in the jumpbreak stores, Cydia substrates must be run. Substrate is a plattform where other applications (or enhancements if you want to be technical correct) can make changes to certain non open sources operating system components.

A Cydia substrate extension does not need any operating system or application sources to be fully functional. In order to run Substrate Enhancements on your Android machine, you must first have the Cydia Substrate Bundle installed. It' s interoperable with Android 2.3 and higher but you can only use it if your machine isooted.

Once these conditions are fulfilled, go to the links at the end of this article and select the free Cydia Substrate Pack. Start the application and click the "Install Cydia Substrate" icon at the top of the window. That' s it - you now have Cydia Substrate on your Android, but keep in mind that this is just a plattform just awaiting the addition of a few nice enhancements to make some noticeable changes to your Android.

1 ) doc. write('''); At the moment the only packet available in the 'Extension Gallery' of Cydia Substrate is Winterboard. Another one in the galery is that the user can suggest new bundles that they think should be backed by substrates. It is to be expected that many more optimisations will be carried out in the near term.

To use the Winterboard, you must have downloaded it from a Google Game Store separately (also available at the end of this post). Winterboard is easy to use because you only need to add the themes and bundles from the store. You can also combine several topics by choosing them all.

When there are conflict (e.g. two issues with contradictory symbols), the issue at the top always has priority. The order of these topics can be changed by just holding down a symbol and moving it to a new location. At the moment the two Winterboard compliant packs are Tiny White lcon pack (Free) and Flow themme ( $1.75).

If something goes awry when using Winterboard (or a substrate extension), you can deactivate the board by holding down the Up button and then removing all annoying packets. At the moment it is hard to consider Cydia substrates as much more than a proof-of-concept, but if the Android communities start to develop enhancements for Cydia substrates, we could see that the pack is gaining the high profile it is enjoying under aiOS.

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