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Use IM in a sentence. Sites in the category "English words preceded by im-". Word beginning with IM Word that starts with IM can help you achieve great gambling words with Friend® and Scrabble®. To have a word count with a certain character or a mixture of characters could be what you need to make your next move and get the edge over your adversary. The SCRABBLE® and WORDS WITH WRIENDS® trademarks are the exclusive properties of their respective holders.

The prefix:: Un, Dis, Im, Im, Mis

Places a Prefix at the beginning of a text to modify its meanings. As an example, the extension means re- either again or back again in exchange, repetition or processing. You can easily mix up the following 4 premixes because they all have a bad sign. On the other hand, the un prefix does not mean reversed operation, withdrawal, releasing.

Mis means false. Likewise, the prefix d does not mean and is opposite to it. Neither can the im prefix mean and vice versa. Not possible, for example, now select the right suffix in the following sentences: Search/bookmark this post:

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im is the international URL top-level domainname (ccTLD) for the Isle of Man. Administrated by the Isle of Man government, it is daily maintained by Domicilium, an off-shore ISP on the Isle of Man. The . im registry was made available to everyone in the whole wide web on 1 July 2006, with one, two and three mail registrations directly under .im, opening the way to .im hacking.

It has become popular with businesses that manufacture IM applications under trade names that include Adium, Coccinella, Meebo, Pandion, Pidgin, Prosody, Trillian, Yahoo! and others. IM is also used in English, Spanish, French as well as Italien language territories (i.e. Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Italy and a part of Belgium) for property purpose (properties in English, properties in English, properties in French, properties in Italian).

Because of the wealth of nicknames available, the domains are also suitable for many people.

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