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Sample sentences with the word subject. Sample sentences with the word subject. Subject. Chomsky's main theme is that the appearance of an open debate is an illusion. What's wrong with this kind of definition is that it's not very specific or helpful when it comes to the subject of your work.

As a result, themes are weakly represented as concepts or ideas such as "death", "justice" or "love".

Using a topic in a phrase

"Surely what I have won is freedom," he began seriously, but did not go on, noting that this subject was too selfish. The colours selected by the artist were purple pastels and grey lights, while the theme was heart and forget-me-not floral. In many of his lectures the contrast between free work and slavery was discussed.

As we are discussing current topics in this course, the major topic may vary at short notice every workweek. This company's events are the subject of Washington Irving's Astoria. It was also designed in a racing motif with a toy on the side of the bathtub.

Perhaps because it had the same theme of blacksmith's metal and ivories as the Hacienda - and perhaps they had been here too long. Bomb-blond blond always cast good dinners with funny topics; this theme was discotheque night, completed with lots of Lavalamps, Discokugel, kitschy 70' s tunes still sticking out of the open window, and dresses for those who wore them.

No matter what the answer was, a flock of these drone fighters, without having ended their humming about a prior subject, went over to the new one and was drowning, darkening through their flock the voice of those who fought sincerely. Her large bumpy shapes and guttural groans reinforced the theme of the West border.

Finally, here his longing for a great theme deserving of his historical mastermind was satisfied. Their cheerful and sage speculation on this subject would soon uncover the limitations of the reach and hospitableness of his spirit. Next came work in university - initial subject composing with new ideas of composing or at least new ways of proposing those ideas.

Painting a Jeanne d'Arc who is living and dying ingloriously is the subject she poses herself, and through most of the novel it is performed very well. What is the point of transforming a ring design into a Valhalla theme? In 21 books, his phenomenal Comparative Geography, which was to make the whole globe a theme, became extinct in a wild state of detail before covering more of the earth's crust than Asia and part of Africa.

Water of the Rhine turns into fog that becomes gray and thin, while the now eerie theme becomes soft and smooth. An even more notable example can be found in the third testimony of the theme of the final of the Ninth Symphony. We will visualize Wagner's ripe use of leitmotif through the theme coincidentally associated with Alberich's ring.

However, if we take care of the conditions under which this issue emerges, its meaning and evolution becomes profound and self-evident. In 1766 his achievement prompted the Academy to suggest the previously untried theories of the Jordanian system as a topic for competitions. However, the subject's drama abilities are great, and it drew Schiller, who seems to have given it up in favor of the similar theme of Demetrius in Russia.

When the Nibelung spirit darks, the theme of cultural heritage becomes obscure. Knightly politeness to the captured principals was a popular subject for later orators. Wagner's use of the term "ring motif" is a blatant example of what Wagner had to bear from his mates.

Emerson, the poet Bryant, Longfellow, outstanding Whittier and Whitman, have talked about this subject without any uncertainty. Much more than any other, the First Crusade became the subject of a variety of scripts whose different levels of value are important to differentiate them. Unlike in a scholarly theology, this topic is not officially debated, but rather praised and applied.

Dunbar works with the same theme in a short verse known as Beauty and the Prisoner. However, in the works published by Montholon and Las Cases, in which the subject of politics is always the main focus, the Kaiser is repeatedly led to the idea that he had always been the real advocate of orderly liberty.

Its content splits into two parts, one dealing with justice and knowledge, the other with the early destiny of the Israelites, who are regarded as a just and God-loving country.

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