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Up to 10 years of full 10K annual reports and quarterly 10Q SEC filings to analyze for Wix.com Ltd. Watch 10 blog examples with design wisdom to help you understand.

There are so many other things in additon to the writing that can make or break blogs, from the atmosphere that the website is designed to the simple interaction the visitor has with the pages. In order to consolidated all this knowledge about how to make sure it's always rough time on your website, we've put together this collection of ten sample blogs made on Wix so we could grab a lead pen and take note.

So, whether you're considering launching your blogs careers (and with the help of SEO-Boost there's your trademark, who wouldn't do this step?) or whether you're a professional looking for ways to beautify your site. There are ten sample blogs with all the styling savvy you need to turn your blogs into one of the best in the industry.

Having browsed through Laura Baross's blogs, I pledge that you will reconsider your lavatory tissue tastes. Switching to an eco-friendly life style can sometimes seem daunting, but your decisions on how to keep the site look neat and tidy are the key messages of your website: you have this! In addition to strengthening the identities of their brands, these decisions allow to keep them easy, highlighting the most challenging items of their blogs.

Now, if there ever was a blogs match for this multi-purpose tool, it would be Beyond the Hutch. Designed to create a pro-quality yet stylish feel through a classical selection of fat text in dark text on a blank backdrop, this indoor architecture blogs keeps things fun with peachy outbursts, a smiling CTA (who could refuse a friend request?), and brings traffic to the Hutch audience by adding expanded writer profiling for each entry.

Reading Leslie doesn't let her audiences down on what her blogs name promises, even when it comes to choosing the designs for her website. It finds ways to provide even the most basic items of her blogs with a personalised spinning, such as the Instagram Feed, which marks the bottom of the page, and the customised news on the Wix Chat User Box, so that they appear as clear exponents of her singular vote.

Instead of left her blogs as simple text header she makes them sparkling by escorting the text with smart pictures so that, for example, the travel section is presented by a single pass. Aligning even the smallest detail with her own personalities, she makes sure that the maximal amount of Leslie shines in her blogs.

And who says that blogs must always be led by an excess garbage can of wrinkled designs? While Jorge may be a sculptress, designing principals employed on web sites could be a naturally second media. In fact, your blogs are an excellent example of how the addition of an on-line meeting place for your own thoughts and suggestions can serve as a strong motor for your make.

It is one of the secret of a blog's triumph to produce a lot of contents. However, if you get your blogs equipment going, how do you keep your audience from getting bogged down in a wood of postings on your homepage? Yaya Ding, the creator, organizes things with an "archive" and a "featured" area on the right side of the page, as well as an anchoring hyperlink that allows the reader to go, leap and go back at the touch of a mouse.

And when the stylised photographs are not enough, she strengthens her credibility as a stylist even more by using a fashionable, thousand-year-old rose and grey colour pattern, which is currently very popular in the international fashion scene. Unfortunately, we are not able to accompany Alissa quite literal on her overall meal trip (it's okay, we don't really get the sense of being bitter), but her blogs can at least give us the sense that all these dinner bookings will be for two people.

If you scroll only through Maya Shkedy's blogs, you'll be providing salary checks for several years to collect her iridescent music. This jewellery creator uses her own blogs as a magazine (and mentions them as such in the navigational menus of her website) to involve behind the scene audiences in her work.

Supporting your on-line shop with a blogs extends the reach of your public and creates confidence among prospective buyers. The photographer Sharon Radisch goes an unorthodox way with her blogs and uses the Wix Pro Gallery to organize her pictures and texts. Keeping the intimacy of a blogs, she is able to adapt the presentations to create a rich mix of her talents.

" However, there is almost no need for her to post it at the top of her blogs - because she is communicating each of these items so well through all the items on her site. Alicia makes its choice of vibrant colours and fat printing on top of the crease (you know, the area the user sees before scrolling down), so they' re immediately welcomed with their theme category and memorable text.

Their abridged biography at the beginning of the blogs saves the visitor the need to go to another page to find out more about who she is (though they would otherwise be waiting for a special pleasure - their "About me" section is adorable). In between the effective communication of her bubbling character and her clear devotion to her topics, Alicia's blogs make us smile from ear to ear at 3, of course!

Will you start your own blogs? Personalise your website with Wix by creating a personal logo today!

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