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Vix 3

The WiX version 3.6 was released on September 3, 2012 and has a focus on Burn. The WiX version 3.7 was released on December 24, 2012. In this tutorial we cover the stable version 3.

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Event Website Templates | Wix

Memory is invaluable - show your recorded moment on this neat, easy and genuine model. Developed for weddings video artists, it's never been so easy to show off your work. Wix Video lets you simply load all your video assets and categorise them into audiences that can see them. Embrace this style by posting your own pictures and add custom services.

Great resource to learn how to build MSI builders from WiX.

Among the best ways to get to know WiX was to take an existent MSI that did something I wanted to do, and use the arc de-compiler to create a WiX scripts from it, and then I started reading that. In addition to the above -mentioned people's hyperlinks, take a look at the way I tell them this: even if it's not just about WiX, Apress's book:

It is a good one to have when typing installation software. For those who speak English, please see the developer magazine issue 2008-05, 2008-06 and 2009-01. I recently written an essay in which I try a little desperate to try to explain some of the WiX concept in a way that is easier to grasp than the others.

It' s intended to be reread before learning a tutorial, as it specifically tries to mention some of the things that seem to be misunderstood by users because they enjoy it.

weix3 - How to search for the .net 4.7.1mework with weix 3.11

"The ". Bugfix Files " "NETFRAMEWORK45" "This program needs .NET Framework 4.5. Installation: Please reinstall the .NET Framework and run this installation program again." PropertyRef is syntactic sugars. LabFxExtension precompiler will inject the implementations at compilation speed. Well, the implement you're looking for would be something like: " NETFRAMEWORK45" "This program needs .NET Framework 4.7.1. Installation: Please reinstall the .NET Framework and run this installation program again."

Rummage in other issues with the tag wix aix3 or ask your own one.

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