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Vix 4

WiX Toolset creates Windows installation packages from XML source code. How is the state of WiX v4? Actually, I don't really have the feeling that I should ask any questions about SO to get fundamental information like this, but I can't find a dependable resource anywhere. On the Wix homepage you can still find the video file of i3. However, the worse part is that the latest WiX version of WiX VideoStudio integration tool contains template files for i4, which gives the impression that i4 is formally endorsed!

If you try to create one of these template, the install failure is The WiX Toolset v4 install utilities must be running.... In order to get WiX Toolset v4, visit http://wixtoolset.org/releases/, although http://wixtoolset.org/releases/ contains exclusive video downloading for s3! Somewhere, is there anything that says formally and definitely what state WiX v4 is in?

WiX Toolset v4.0 starts.

Now the next big release of the WiX Toolset is in progress for a few week. The WiX Toolset v4. 0 is the most thrilling release since WiX 2. 0 was published as Open source in 2004. WiX v4.0 pushes the boundaries of Windows Installer and Windows XPML.

"The Windows Installer Toolset is now the WiX Toolset." From a technical point of view, the WiX everyone is calling the WiX is really the Windows Installer Toolset XML. Like I said in the introduction, we are going to expand beyond Windows Installer and even beyond Windows XP, so in WiX v4.0 we will change the name of the product to " WiX Tool Set ".

The WiX v4.0 is a great upgrade that allows us to make the crucial changes that were not possible in the backward WiX v3.x-wire. In order to make a neat breach and eventually clear our spaces, I check in WiX tool set name space fixes for every one. qixtoolset.org" + "schemas" + "schemas" + "major toolset version" + "file type" + "optional extension name". That'.

WixCop will not upgrade any non-setup codes. Streamlined WiX will make a difference. Streamlined WiX is the most important part of WiX v4 and will require a number of special blogs to fully explore it. The Simplified WiX is a new "High Level" set up voice processor in the WiX Toolset. My preferred way to start writing set-up codes now is Rtype.

Whilst Rtype is fantastic, the true strength of Simplified WiX - as a high-level set-up locale - is that it allows you to multi-target your set-up codes for various set-ups. Here is where the latest simplified WiX supported is: Code: In the not -too-distant near term, I anticipate supporting it:

Simplified WiX's type and multi-targeting capability are the main reason why we changed the name of the product to WiX Toolset. Simplified WiX sources are not always written in Windows and the Windows Installer is not the only Windows installer that WiX Toolset supports. Simple WiX is still marginal prototyping so keep your initial expectation low.

This works, but must be included in the "Traditional WiX" tool set in order to really shut down some scenes. Easier WiX with MSBuild and Visual Studio also requires much more focus. However, if you're ready to try out some new glossy toy with very crisp corners, take a look at Simplified WiX.

I' ll have more Simplified WiX blogs in the near term. That' a long enough period of timeto keep big changes back. WiX Toolset v4 allows us to re-evaluate our latest design and redesign the WiX Toolset in the near-term.

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