Wix 5

Vix 5

Location, Wix New Village Hall. 13th run of the Wix 5, with the Essex Championship 5. Void Wix 5 is back and ready to book! The entry limit is 500 runners, but please register early as we expect you to be sold out on that day.

Wix 5 Mile Harwich Runner

The entrance fee is 500 runners, but please register early as we are expecting them to be sold out and are unlikely to be able to enter the event on that date. The prize will include chips time racing results, target prices and free drinks at the end of the event. It' s unbelievable that the Harwich Runners Wix 5 will have its twelfth run this year - a great PB run due to a mostly shallow tread with a long, slow downhill for the last miles.

There is a drink stop at the 3 miles position and the whole circuit is divided. Wix 5 has a timeout of 1h35.

5 2018 Wix - So 21 Oct - Book now at Let's Do Dies tun

An enjoyable and pleasant run along the North Wales Coastal path.... Located against a breathtaking scenery of cliffs and beautiful shores overlooking Anglesey. From most parts of the UK this seaside paradise is within easy reach. Distinguished and metered track size 2010 & 1K, a great racing trophy, children's trophy, free park, with excellent amenities in the events center and of course some really inspirational runs.

The 1K track is ultra shallow, i.e. it is very fast. The majority of the 10K's are ultra shallow with a few bold mounds to increase your HR, which means it's a very fast course, it's undoubtedly one of the tailor-made favourites as we're proud to be working in close collaboration with Bryn Williams, one of Britain's top chefs.

The 10K starts and ends at the Bryn Williams Porth Eirias Eatery.

5 Wix Results - Witham Training Center

Our First Ladies Home was Vicky, who ran her first 5-mile run and won a beautiful, shining 3rd Ladies Home award at 34:45. Vicky, Rachel & Anita's women's squad finished second and Heydon, Chris and Scott's men's squad fourth. It looks like Chris and Heydon were closely related today, as were Scott and David H and Vicky and Steve, who reached their tight end of the line....

It was Steve Hennings who tried his best to pull Anita to the golden level, which meant a slowdown for him. Sadly, the computer said "no" today and broke a number of PDs, of which Colsey sailed about 2.5 miles off Anita. After Loch Ness Dawn Shilling, still on a high after Loch Ness, continued to make improvements and last year he had an unbelievable 9 minute run.

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