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To learn how to access another website's dashboard in your account, click here. Getting a Wix account set up. When you want to create your own website, Wix is a great platform. In this way, your expert can access your Wix website during your sessions without seeing your password. Log into your Wix account and select Domains at the top of the page:

Access your Dashboard Area | Help Center

Dashboards are the primary basis for operating your website. This is where you can control all facets of your website and your company, as well as gain Wix Editor control, edit your page preferences, administer your contact list, set up your payments, and more. Allows you to view the website dashboard: Log in to your Wix account.

Move the mouse pointer over the website you want to visit and click Select Website. In the upper pane, click Preferences. Select My Dishboard. At the top of your screen on the upper leftside, click My Pages. Move the mouse pointer over the website you want to visit and click Select Website.

Change the language of account, dashboard, and editor | Help Center

Your Dashboard and Editor interface is the same as your Wix account interface. How to modify the account and editor language: To log in to your Wix account, click here. Move the mouse pointer over the upper right control field and move the mouse pointer over the speech. Choose from the available lanugages available.

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Update your Wix account payment information | Help Center

In order to make sure that your premium plan is not disrupted by billing problems, please refresh your billing information when your credit becomes expired or used up. Updating your billing information: Then click Refresh your mileage. Choose the service(s) for which you want to upgrade the billing option and click Next.

Refresh your credentials and click Refresh. Please note: Make sure that you type the unspaced number. Important: to refresh them. As soon as your data is refreshed, your account will be debited from your account as soon as possible.

Getting a Wix account set up: 1st stage

You will find the Login pushbutton in the top right hand corner. Click the Login pushbutton. A page will open where you can register. And you can log in with your Facebook or Google account. Enter your e-mail address and your preferred username and password. Then click on Login. Choose the type of website you want to create.

Among the available features are a blogsite, an on-line shop, a website and much more. Select the kind of website you want. Select how you want to create your website. EDITOR WIX: You select the layout of your website and insert the pages, text, theme, etc... A WIX ADI: A robotic will ask you some question and create a website for you on the basis of the responses you have chosen.

Click "Save" (top right) to store all your work. Once you're done, click "Publish" (next to the Store button) to post your website as soon as you're done! You will be prompted to do so when you store your website if you have not yet selected the name of your website. At any time you can modify the name of the website if you want to resave it.

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