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Explore a whole new way to connect with people and run your business on the go. Plus, the longer you sign up, the better your plan. In a pop-up shop or in your own online shop, Square takes care of your payments for you so you can concentrate on your business. Register Learn More >. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook or Google Account to create an account.

Login to your Wix account | Help Center

In order to log in to your Wix account: At the top right, click Login. Please type in your e-mail adress and your passwort. And if you can't log in to your account, choose a why below: Find hundreds of gifted designer. Discover portfolio and engage a Wix Expert to build a breathtaking website for you.

Registration Services | Wix Help Center

At Wix, the protection of our users' account is of paramount importance to us and we are 100% dedicated to ensuring Internet privacy.... The registration and the Wix log-in service are handled via a safe web site. Furthermore, Wix does not store users' password in its data base, but encodes it in a one-way cipher.

That means that even in the case of a data base break the password cannot be recovered under any circumstances.

Create a secure password and secure your Wix account | Help Center

You are strongly encouraged to take every precaution to enhance the security of your Wix Account and your personally identifiable information. It is important to note the following when you create a strong password: Select a minimum 8 character long code. Don't add any part of your name (first and last name) to your passwords, or anything related to your personally identifiable information.

Be sure to specify at least 3 of the 4 characters: Please use a clear Wix passphrase. Don't use a passphrase that is used for other uses, such as your normal e-mail account. Think about using a keyword builder and an automated keyword builder to generate strong and strong keywords and modify your keyword.

In order to keep your Wix account safe, be sure to obey these tips: In case several persons are working on your Wix site, you should consider to add them as a contributor to the website instead of giving out your own website name. Ensure that you are protecting your computer with a Lockout and Passphrase. It is recommended that you enable Auto Disable if your computer is left unsupervised for 5 min (e.g. screen saver lock).

Log out of your Wix and e-mail account if you are using a hosted web browsing application. Don't let your web browsers store your passwords when you use a common web browsing experience.

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