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Wi-Fi address

In order to ensure that you receive messages from your visitors via your contact form, you must ensure that it is associated with a valid email address. Add an address to Google Maps | Help Center Attempt to use different keywords or navigate through the different catagories. Include an address on your card so your site is accessible to your people. How to append an address to Google Maps: In the editor, click the Google Maps. Then click Change Address.

Please fill in your position. Optionally, type a site name under Do you want to display a name?

Hint: It is only possible to create a site. You can also use HTML to include an outside mapping that has the ability to include more than one site.

Change the displayed address of your restaurants | Help Center

You must specify the address of your local restaurants when decorating them. When you want to show another address on your website or give extra directions (e.g. at the top of the FDA Court), you can include an address descriptor that can be shown before, after or instead of your home address.

How to modify the address and address details of your restaurant: Check the My company has a Physical address box to type a company address. Begin by entering your road address and selecting it from the drop-down menu. Optionally, type an address descriptor to make it easier for your customer to find you (for example, back door). Choose where you want the address label to appear by selecting an item from the drop-down box.

Change the e-mail address of your Contacts Form | Help Center

The e-mail address you provide is not displayed on your website or accessible to your website users.... If you respond to e-mails with forms, the originator is no-reply@parastorage.com. In order to modify the e-mail address of your enquiry form: In the editor, click on your request link. Type your e-mail address in the What is your e-mail address? box.

The e-mail address of your Wix-Account is used as your standard e-mail address, but you can substitute it if you want. In the Want to include a second e-mail address? box, type a second e-mail address. The e-mail functions as a BCC e-mail and is blindly duplicated when your users fill out the forms.

Submit a note in your Contacts page on your web page to make sure your e-mail address is working and that you have added it properly.

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