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Add and set up Google AdSense App | Help Center With the Google AdSense application, you can generate revenue by placing pertinent and compelling advertisements alongside your site's contents.... For more information on how Google AdSense works, click here.

How to customize and customize the Google AdSense App: Stage 1: Adds the Google AdSense application to your website. Stage 2: Open the settings area of the application.

Choose the application in the editor. Stage 3: Join your Moneybookers Club Members. Log in to your Google AdSenseĀ account and follow the setup prompts. 4: Choose the kind of contents you want to view. Click ing this button to show the current status. Add text and pictures to the advertisements.

Only text messages are displayed in the application. Stage 5: Choose an application outline. AdSense shows quadratic advertisements. Large: Google AdSense shows high rectangle advertisements. Broad: Google AdSense shows broad rectangle advertisements. Stage 6: Modify the appearance of the application. Choose the text type and textize. Caption Color: Choose the caption colour.

Colors: Choose the text colors. Choose the colour of the web page you want to use. Margin Color: Choose the Marginolor. Wallpaper Color: Choose the wallpaper colour. Important: Your Google AdSense balance is reviewed by Google and may take some getting done. Authorization begins instantly after you have added the Google AdSense application to your site and set up a qualifying Google AdSense account.

While the Google AdSense application is available to all Google AdSense site visitors, a Google AdSense associated with your site will increase your chance of being accepted by Google. When you have more than one site associated with your site, you'll need to specify the site's Primary Site Name when you sign up for a Google AdSense Account. Google AdSense application is no longer available in the old editor.

It' s possible to create a Google AdSense token from your Google AdSense profile and then attach it to your website.

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