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Here is a trick to work around the problem of wix renaming your PDF files with long random file names. Choose the Etsy Shop App and click the "Add to Website" button. They need a clear call to action so your website visitors know how to download your app. Below are some advice, from app download buttons to SMS distribution.

Viewing/exporting Wix responses - POWr

What can I do to get replies? Perform these actions to display and print your replies in the Wix Editor: Open your Shape Builder App settings in the Wix Editor. Choose Show replies to forms. From the Wix Dashboard, choose the appropriate drop-down list to use. Your answers can be exported to Excel or a CSV-document.

Please note: You can also use your Answer Forms dashboard from the Apps field on the far right of your Wix account. What can I do to get replies? Where can I email my confirmations to someone who completes my application forms?

Wix App for Android and IOS Download

With the Wix App you can now simply administer your company on the go. Get real-time up-dates, administer your on-line shop, begin a talk with your guests & more, all from your cell phone. You can download the Wix App to administrate and reserve your dates easy. You can download it by visiting these links: With the Wix App you will never miss it:

Administer your on-line Shop everywhere and at any time. Keep up with orders, adding new items, receiving immediate alerts about each purchase and knowing when you're all out. Keep an eye on your timetable, administer your employees' timetable, create new events, administer attendees and receive immediate alerts anywhere, at any time. Follow a RSVP and book your guest into your meeting.

Keep an overview of all your bookings and see your availabilities at a single look. Simply download your pictures from your mobile device or take pictures in the app that you can use on your website, shop or blogs.

Save PDF file names in Wix

Unfortunately, Wix will rename the pdf's and other document (s) you insert into the media libraries so that PDF's that download like a form from your website are renamed with a Wix-assigned encrypted name like " 35ce93_550439b8778148c5a6cbfb9ddbcc3cf4.pdf" instead of how you renamed the document in the system. If you have data that you want your clients to download with data that tells them what it is (e.g. login.pdf), this is a problem.

You can use Google Drive - Cloud Storage for PDF Download in Wix: This is a free Google solution that allows you to download up to 15GB of content, which you can then associate with the PDF using the Google Sharing URL. Even more cool about Google Drive is that it opens the PDF directly in the web view and instantly shows it to the user, giving him the option to store, view and edit it.

If you download (save) the PDF document, it retains the original name you used when you uploaded it to Google Drive, making it easily identifiable for your people. Check out the screen shots provided here to see what a PDF hyperlink looks like in Google Drive and the second one showing where you can use the hyperlink in the WixEditor to add it to a badge or text hyperlink.

At first you are uploading your file or your documents, then, when it is downloaded, you see the file while you are signed in, and you see a visitor with a plus sign, which is the "Share" sign. To open a dialog box where you can access the download links, click "Share". Be sure to select "Anyone with the broken links can see it", so it's a publicly available one, and then copy the provided links (click "Get sharedable link" if it doesn't appear immediately).

Actually, I like this better than directly hyperlinking to a PDF in Wix, because it opens instantly (in most web-browsers most PDF hyperlinks let the viewer skip through a hood by letting the brower "trust" the download, but in Google hyperlinks it opens instantly without pop-ups or hops to skip through).

Notice: There is also a Google Drive app on the Wix App store that also allows you to synchronize your Google Drive docs with your website, so verify this as well as an opt. When uploading Excel (.xls) or Word (.doc) file, Wix only re-names PDF file, downloading reata in the file name.

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