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Get more out of your iPad with 10 hints When you' re one of those tens of million happy iPad users, you'll probably find that you're typing on it quite often with your finger, with proud and happy. However fantastic the iPad may be, you can probably make it even more fantastic by continuing to use it. It is our belief that everyone has the right to optimise their iPad experiences, even those that are not on the most technical side.

Here are some hints to help you enhance your iPad users experiences, learning new things, and using them more effectively. Do you have any more iPad hints? Great newsprint - you can do it with your iPad! Its wide display and excellent audio make the iPad an excellent tool for on-the-go navigational assistance.

In order to use it more conveniently, you need an iPad cradle, but you can get it at a very low cost (MUCH lower than purchasing an additional unit). Great applications for the iPad include tens of great applications, some even free (like Waze or TeleNav). Safari would not have been the first option for many iPad people.

That doesn't mean that you can't personalise your browsers and make them more appropriate for you! Navigate to Preferences and click the Safari tab. In order to enable iMessage on your iPad, go to Preferences and the Messaging page.

Very few folks take the trouble to modify their e-mail preferences, although it's so simple. Just go to the preferences, click on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" and you can start playing with the e-mail. Also, if you like something more creativ than "Sent from my iPad," you can also modify your e-mail signatures.

We speak from our own experiences when we say that using your iPad as a second display increases your production, shortens your working time and makes your daily routine simpler! To turn your iPad into a display, you need to buy an app (AirDisplay seems to be the most beloved, but you can find something better and cheaper), but you can make savings in the long run by improving your workability.

Keys always seem to be a weak side of touchscreen equipment, but sometimes you can enhance your relationships with them by getting to know them better. The iPad has many secret keys that are not widely known or used. Here is a beautiful slideshow containing some of these hints, from using custom symbols to shifting the keypad.

It' especially useful for parenting, but also for anyone who wants more complete command over what their iPad does. Navigate to Settings > General and click Limitations. As soon as you're inside, you can turn off certain functions such as in-app buying, denying full-rate movie viewing, checking which applications have full site information and turning it off when needed, and much more.

Few people realize that once they quit an app and go back to the desktops, the app will continue to run and extend your batteries. Connect nicely to your iPad's rechargeable batteries and shut down those applications that aren't in use - especially those that consume a great deal of power.

At the bottom of the window you will see a panel with all open applications. Push one until a scarlet symbol is displayed in the upper right hand side of all open applications. Ok, this is not a useful tip that will improve your iPad, but it's a really funny thing to do with your pictures.

And you can even manipulate the transition when you want more.

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