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Inquiry:: Use an Australian (.au) domainname with your Wix site | Help Center Currently it is not possible to buy an Australia (.au) Domain from Wix or to assign an Australia (.au) Domains to Wix. Important: To link a website to a domainname, you need to update your website to a premium plan.

To use an Aussie domainname, you are welcome to buy one from another domainname hosting and link it to your Wix site using the suggested name server or pointing methods.

Please click here to find out the differences between Name Server and Show Algorithm. In case this is a function that you would like to see in the near term, please click tune for this function and we will keep you informed.

Australians have the best looking web sites

Australiaans know a lot about web designing. This stunning headset deserves a great web site to advertise your products with. Medienagentur uses a warm and inviting approach to attract a large number of interested customers. In combination with the illustration, the shades of blues create a feeling of coolness and tranquillity.

Personally, I really enjoy the look and feel of this website and how it combines the contents so well. Easy style that says it all - a great piece of equipment that is supplied with great ease. All about this business is fantastic - its name, its beautiful wares, its entertainment merchandising, its beautiful shop. How the homepage looks and works as a navigational tool is great.

Low and practical styling with distinctive colours and creatively used type. They offer a wide range of different items that could be bewildering, but the way they share the contents they've produced on their website makes it easy to navigate. Wonderful exhibition of exceptional works of art.

Worldpress vs. Wix - What's the best?

WorldPress against Wix. Wix as well as WordPress are both good website builder. However, the difference between Wix and WordPress is significant. The WordPress is an open program. That is one of the major causes why WordPress is so beloved and operates about 23% of all web sites on the web by 2015.

Neither system uses templates/themes, but with Wix you can't switch to another one once you've chosen your one. WordPress allows you to modify topics at any moment without changing your contents. WorldPress is very adaptable and can expand with your company. I don't think Wix is really agile. For beginners WordPress can be a bit difficult at first.

Sadly this is also the cause why so many Wix pages look like Wix pages. That means non-professional, amateur, nasty. However, poorly crafted WordPress pages can also look below normal. The WordPress is easy to use and Google likes it. If Wix is better for you than WordPress will depend on many different things.

To sum up, both Wix and WordPress are great web designers. WordPress is the right option for all other cases.

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