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Here's how to change the order of the Wix blog posts - it's all about the date! Creating a blog with Wix When you are considering launching a new blog, Wix can be the answer for you. This How to Make a Blog with Wix tutorial discusses the functions Wix has to provide and why you should consider it as your preferred website creation tool. There are two ways to make a blog with Wix.

Either use Wix's ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) utility or select one of Wix's nice template files and use the Wix Editor to customise it. We' ll also get an idea of the wide range of Wix provides to help you enhance and enhance your website. Absolutely user-friendly, the software allows people of all abilities to build breathtaking Web sites without touching a line of coding.

With Wix, you can create your own website to advertise your company, your products, your service, your applications and your contents. Wix Editor allows you to personalize each item of your website. View text and animation as you like, resize and resize typefaces, use a 3-D parallel motion effect, and add a movable panel for your favorite video clips.

What's important is that you can quickly create new blog pages and posts with the Wix Blog application or the ADI Blog Manager. The Wix offers a vast library of digital content, which includes pictures, GIF's, clip art, movies, and more. Additional choices are to upload your own pictures or movies for use on your website or to select pictures from your favorite network, Dropbox, Google Drive and a number of other applications.

New Wix Blog" application recently published by Wix allows you to simply build a breathtaking blog on your website. Functions are 8 nice layout, simple administration, soft functions and much more. You can also like, post and track postings, join your blog, profile members, add comments with pictures and video, and even become an author.

It is important that with the new Wix Blog application you can write, edit and publish your own blog article on the web page of your website. Once you have created the blog in Wix Editor, you don't have to bother to log into the back end of your website every single times you want to create a new one.

This free e-mail course will show you how to make a blog easy. There are many different types of applications, among them blog applications, marketing tools, design tools, analytics, and social, to name a few. Apply an Instagram feeder or event calendars to your website, present your photos with a slide or galery application, or build a polished website image in less than five moments.

Wix' Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) utility can help you automate the process of creating a breathtaking website. In a few moments, ADI will ask you some fundamental question about your wishes and needs for your website and then make a website specifically designed around your responses. The Wix contains detailed technical assistance as well as useful tips and article that can be accessed via the Wix Editor.

There' also a useful blog and phone assistance if needed. Update to use your own domains, delete wix adverts from your website, insert your own favicon, boost space and bandwith, build an on-line shop and more. Choose "Start now" on the home page and then either open a new Wix affiliate with Wix or log in using Google or Facebook.

Now Wix will ask you what kind of website you want to have. This is where we have chosen 'Blog'. The next step is to decide whether you want Wix to use the Artificial Intelligence utility to help you develop your website, or whether you want Wix to use the Wix Editor to develop your own website. The Wix Editor gives you full control over Wix artwork, editors, and more.

It gives you full command over the adjustment on your website and allows you to build a website according to your precise specification. When you choose Wix to build your website with ADI, you must first ask a few simple question about the kind of website you are looking for. This includes your e-mail, postal, telephone and societal web content as well as the upload of a company name.

ADI also displays some different themes from which you can choose. Then Wix creates your homepage with the information you provide. The ADI Editor opens your new website theme. If you don't want to see what ADI has selected for you, you can see a thumbnail of your homepage and modify the look.

There is no question that using ADI is an incredibly simple and entertaining way to build a website. Then Wix analyzes your Wiz WEO your Wiz and creates a Wiz Wix Wiz your Wiz Wix Wiz. In order to insert a blog entry in the ADI Editor, choose "Manage Blog" in the upper menubar.

The Blog Manager menu pane on the far left lets you organise your postings, create category entries, organise your tag ging, show views and more. You can also choose to distribute any messages you make to your Facebook follower and e-mail signups under "Preferences". In order to insert an entry to your blog, choose'All entries > New entry'.

You can then use the Blog Editor to write posts. So you can include Wix pictures, geifs, videos as well as Wix songs in your message or even just send your own personal multimedia-file. To the right, you can choose the item you're working on, planning or publishing, tag and category, and under Extended, choose the necessary sub-functions to add to your work.

Blog Editor is very simple to use, and the variety of available features allows you to quickly and easily build nice and eye-catching blog post. In order to modify your user name, click 'Site > My Dashboard' in the editor. Choose the Personal symbol at the top right of your Wix Dashboard, then click Account Settings.

Store the preferences and then refresh your website in the ADIditor. You can reopen the widget at any time, make changes to your site, modify your contents, post new blog entries, and more. While ADI makes building a website incredibly quick and simple, many of us still want more selection and direction over the blog layout.

Once you are in this group, click'Create your website with Wix Editor > Pick a template'. There is a menue on the leftside of the page that lists the different website template types that Wix provides. Below'Categories' click'Blog' and search the template until you find one you like.

As soon as you have chosen the style sheet you want to work with, it opens in the Wix Editor. Wix Editor gives you the ability to adjust all available templates. Just click on a particular theme and a series of symbols will appear to show you the edit settings for that theme.

In addition, the Editor toolbar on the right side of the display provides a number of additional editing features to help you make more changes. At Wix we have a large selection of additional designs that you can include in your website. You will find the "Add" symbol in the navigation bar on the far right of the display.

To add additional text, button icons, slide shows, menubars, sharing icons, and more to your website, click here. An overloaded display doesn't offer a good viewing environment, so make sure the items you choose work together and don't detract from your work. A further symbol in the menue on the far right is "Background", with which you can change the backdrop of your website.

Choose from a pad colour, design, picture or videotape to give your website a uniquely aesthetic look. For this purpose, choose the "Mobile View" symbol in the upper editor bar. We' ll be watching in a moment how you can put blog pages on your website. However, first we take a look at the Wix Editor page menus and how you can create a list of other pages that your website may need.

In order to create a new page, choose the "Side Menu" in the upper toolbar. Inside the page menus, you can organise your pages simply, modify page titles, modify layout, choose target group access for each page and much more. In order to create a new page, choose'Add page > Page' at the bottom of the page drop-down list.

You will see a new empty page in your side panel. As soon as you have given the new page a name, you will see that it appears in your website's menubar as well. In order to alter the order in which your pages appear in the site menus, reorder your pages in the side menus. Please click on the page of your interest, choose 'Settings' and next to 'Make it your homepage' click on 'Set'.

In order to download the Wix Blog application, click on the "Wix Application Market" symbol in the navigation area. Look for'Wix Blog' and choose 'Add to website'. A blog has now been added to your website back in the Wix Editor. When you open the side panel, you will see that a blog page has been added both here and in the menubar of your website.

In order to open the Wix Blog application, click on'Page Menu' and choose 'Blog'. Now you should see your new blog in the Wix Editor. By clicking on any item in the blog, a series of icons will appear. Click the Preferences icon and the Wix Blog menu appears.

There' s an option in the menus on the far right to select a blog homepage and custom blog page layouts. Easily customize your blog by adding category, changing theme items, and activating preferences such as member registration and blog post. You can also set up a member page under'Add-ons' where your users can browse and browse other member accounts.

You have two options for creating a blog entry, either in the Wix Editor or on the web page of your website. We recommend that you write, edit, and manage your commentary from the web page of your website. In order to do this, you must first make your website public by pressing the Wix Editor's top right click-icon.

From your blog page, choose 'Create a Post'. Then you can choose a category for your contribution before you publish it. You can also click on already posted articles on the web page to modify them, remove them, display them on your homepage and much more. In order to make a blog entry in the Wix Editor, choose'Main > Make a Post' from the Wix Blog menu.

The Post Manager opens, which uses the same page layouts as the Post Editor on the Web site. And you can use the Wix Editor to modify your postings, similar to the Wix Editor on the web page. Just click on'Main > Managerage Posts' in the Wix Blog menu.

You can see that the Wix Blog application is incredibly simple to use and allows you to make appealing and eye-catching posts. The blog also concentrates on building a dedicated public to help you develop a winning blog with a large following. Scalable Icons - Link your blog to your favorite channel to increase your community of people.

Stream your best postings to your blog to advertise your channel and attract followerers. The Wix Shoutout is a full-featured e-mail advertising campaign that allows you to create attractive and eye-catching e-mails and post your website in your own way. In order to use this utility, choose the "Promote" symbol in the Wix Editor's navigation area.

Then you can customise your shout-out message, adding addressees and either sending the message as an email or publishing it to your community networks. Visit the Marketing Tools section of the Wix App Market to find other applications that can help you advertise your blog, boost website traffic on your website and expand your fan base.

Wix is certainly a powerful choice if you are looking for a blog launch utility that will help you get started. What aspect of Wix sounds most attractive to you and what are some of your concerns about blogging with Wix? Getting weary of the 9-5, swinging and never seeing my familiy, I decide I wanted to make some changes and started my first blog.

I have since started many popular niche blogging and after I sold my survival blog, I chose to educate other folks how to do the same.

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