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Build a stunning blog and grow an online community with people who share your passion. New Wix Blog" app recently released by Wix allows you to easily create a stunning blog on your website. Wix Weekly Tips - https://www.wixmywebsite.com/ Adding a blog to your Wix website is much easier.

Add new Wix-Blog | Help-Center

New Wix blog makes it simple to build great contents and easily post and distribute them to your on-line comunity. Feel free to post all contributions yourself or together with other authors. For adding the new Wix Blog App: Enter "Wix Blog" in the input box and hit enter. Next to the Wix Blog App, click Append to Website.

Once you have added Wix Blog, two pages will be added to your website: Blogs page: Most of your key blog feedback reader can read your post. Blog members can see other members of the blog on this page, join other members and more.

Write articles in the New Wix Blog | Help Center

Create and organize blog entries on your desk or on your portable devices.... Easily post new stories, modify your current stories, and organize your commentary from your web site. Administrate contributions and designs in the editor from within the Post Manager. Post Manager gives you full control over all your posted contributions and previously unreleased designs.

Also you can copy contributions. In order to use the Post Manager: In the Editor, click the Wix Blog App. When you click Organize Contributions. Tip: You can also go to the Post Manager by going to your website's Dashboard and choosing the Blog (New) page. Maintain your contributions on your web site - which you can connect to from a computer.

In order to process a contribution, login with the e-mail associated with your Wix-account. Managing your news stories on your web site - Access from a portable devices panel. In order to make a contribution on a portable device: Get access to the blog on a portable phone. Touch Create a message. Please enter the name and the contents of your contribution.

If you want, you can republish it later. Saving & Publishing: Type here to add your contribution to your web page. Maintain contributions for your unreleased website. Maybe you should make some contributions before you release your website. Find out more about how to contribute. Whether you are accessing a posting on your web site or via the Mail Manager, the posting procedure is the same.

Just type in the name of the article and then type in your article. Allows you to choose one of the following options for a post:

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