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There are 10 (big!) good reason to use WordPress over Wix

What kind of CMS works better for you, WordPress or Wix when it comes to your website? However, for those who want a more serious attitude and have nothing against investing the work for their website, WordPress is undoubtedly the right way.

Though before we go into the Why, it should be noted that there are two releases of WordPress, the self-hosted WordPress.org and the for-you WordPress.com hosting. Wix specifically compared this item with the self-hosted WordPress. org version. Here you can search for the WordPress description of its two different editions.

WordPress - Why select WordPress? WorldPress is a self-hosted website which means you own every website you build in its totality. This also means that you can select which host companies you want to use to get your site up and running, and give you the option to move between web hosters at will. WordPress accounts for 29% of the web, and its prevalence means that there are innumerable ressources and on-line community that are engaged and built on the site.

WorldPress is an open sourced CMS that allows anyone to use their own codes to make their own designs and plugins, and then after sharing their designs with the remainder of the WorldPress comunity. As a result, an amazing number of WordPress user productivity applications are in the capable hands of WordPress publishers to build and personalize their Web sites.

In the meantime, Wix only allows the use of utilities and applications that have been built by the Wix engineering staff and built into the Website Builders. Wix's available resource is steadily increasing, but it just can't be compared to the huge amount of unique useful utilities that are continually being built by the huge WordPress comunity.

WordPress has hundreds of millions of ready-made and custom WordPress topics to select from, many of which are free, while other premier topics are available for sale. Better yet, any WordPress topic can be coded to modify and customize it to look exactly what your website needs. If you create a website with Wix, you have over 400 website template choices, but you cannot control the accessibility of the site or make any changes to these layouts.

The most restrictive aspect of a website created by Wix is that once you select a site, it will be the one you are forever busy with. WordPress allows you to easily move between topics as often as you like without seriously affecting the existing contents on your website.

There may be some formatting changes you need to make to better match your contents to a new topic, but apart from that, WordPress visitors can change the look and feel of their website to their heart's desire. WordPress, as already stated, allows you to program and create plug-ins that give your website visitors an unbelievable number of customization and management features.

The Wix does not use plug-ins, but provides applications that help you administer your web sites. While there are literally hundred of them, they are created by the Wix developer staff, so you can get a whole bunch less. Increasing demands for high-quality plug-ins have led many organizations to break out into this boom market, with organizations like CreativeMinds providing professional plug-ins for both free use and sale, making it much easy to find trusted resources for efficient plug-ins.

There is little use in constructing a website if no one can find it, and searching machine optimisation (SEO) is another area where WordPress excels. WorldPress is very sociable to WordEO, with several integrated functions in it. Obviously, you still need to make sure that you keep good practice on your site, but even if this is a problem, there are plenty of plug-ins available to help optimise your site and enhance your results.

Whilst you can make a beautiful looking blog on both CMS, WordPress was primarily designed as a website for blogging and it really shows itself. As soon as you launch your website, blog entry creation is easy and fast. Blog entry management is also a breeze, with choices to set publishing date for your blog, assign tag and category to your post, and more.

Having a WordPress website always costs you an on-going hosting charge and the upfront costs of establishing your domains. Then you can work with your website using the free designs and plug-ins available to you, program the website yourself, or buy high-quality topics and plug-ins to help you create and manage your website.

When you are technically proficient and want more practical experiences in creating and design your website, you can still make some savings and end up with a professionally designed website using WordPress. Wix Premier Edition costs $5 to $25 per months based on which schedule you select, and while many of its applications are free, they often have restrictions unless you update to their Premier Edition.

If a website is built through Wix, the site owner's site is the only contributing and managing site owner. WordPress lets you allow more than one user to change a website, and even allocate different rolls for each one. If, for example, your website has a blog and you want to set authors to produce contents for them, you can give them restricted controls so that they will be able to post blog pages while limiting their ability to gain entry to the most important features of your website.

Whilst Wix has its fair share set of stunning functions, and it is extraordinarily well placed for those who want a website but don't have the tech know-how and patience to master how to create it, WordPress' virtually unlimited customisation and controlling power is at the forefront of anyone serious about building a winning website.

More work will be required if you take the WordPress router, but the reward will be even greater if you do.

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