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Magnificent content, great design: 14 blog posts with Wix Wix offers users who come to Wix with a wish to communicate on-line and exchange their know-how and skills with others a powerful and easy to administer reporting tool that is packed with functions and style. However, it is the creativeness of these programmers that is responsible for the fantastic blog they end up publishing.

Since adding free blog submissions, we've been seeing how Wix blogs are getting better and better. While blogging is sometimes seen as a simple pastime in the current age, creating a nice lay-out, developing unique motifs and posting interesting blog entries on a regular basis is hardly an uncomplicated job.

For this reason, we would like to welcome the following 14 Blogger for the astonishing work they do on their Wix-blog. One of the most cool things about the contemporary on-line world is blogging, and these are really good examples. Want to get started on your own blog adventures? Build a blog with Wix!

Launching a blog: Definitive guide

The decision to make a blog is exactly that. Instead, a blog is an occasion for you, as a very well informed individual on a particular topic, to formulate your view. In addition, blogs have the capability to significantly raise the amount of visitors to your website, giving you a well-deserved push in your search engine optimization (SEO).

You feel up to the challenges, but are not sure where to begin? We have the right tools from selecting your site to producing your killers' footage to advertising your stories, so you know how to create a blog that captivates your audience: When it comes to what you can blog about, there are practically no limits.

If you focus on one, you will find that the web today is most likely full of many blog posts that create contents on the same topic. If, for example, you create a foods blog about the many kitchens you invent with the main component coming in the form of Avocados, your exposure will be increased when someone looks for "Avocado Recipes".

" Although when you create a blog for your already existing company, you may not always be able to reach a market share for it. Therefore, you should concentrate on generating contents that your competition does not have. Premium contents that appeal to Google's readership and mystery bot must fulfill three criteria: value, uniqueness, and freshness.

By choosing a name for your blog, you initiate the creative process of your own trademark. When you have your perfect matching blog name (My Stunning Blog), the best approach is to select a domainname that is exactly the same () to ensure consistent and legitimate content (www.mystunningblog.com). When you already have a website, turn your blog into a page within your current top level domains (www.mystunningwebsite.com/blog) and link your website and blog together.

Next, you need to make up your mind which blog to use. The Wix-Blog, for example, can be installed in a few moments. The only thing you have to do is select one of the many nice website layouts and simply append your contents via simple, easy click and drag-and-drop - or select from a multitude of free pictures and video clips that are already available.

It' s groundbreaking breakthrough allows you not only to launch a blog in the fastest possible timeframe, but also gives you all the powerful tool you need to build a fellowship of people. You can, for example, contact them through blog annotations, give them the opportunity to sign up for your newsletter, or post your articles via your own feed.

When your blog is up, you can easily post and modify your blog contents, as well as engage in face-to-face chats with your readership and more with the mobile app. Select from one of the free and breathtaking blog site themes that represent your personal taste and use. It is the best way to get started as it includes everything a 21 st stcent blogger needs to work on-line.

When you' ve made your choice, you can intuitively customize any part of your theme by just drag and drop your message with one click. There are some very important things to consider when it comes to personalising your design: Because words are an important part of any blog, it is essential to select the best typefaces to match the look and feel of your website.

You can also use typography as a way of displaying the hierarchies within your blog designs, i.e. using certain typefaces to attract your eye to certain words or hyperlinks. Choose a flawless colour scheme that will appear throughout the entire topic of your blog (and possibly your website). Your blog should have a proper logotype because a logotype will represent the corporate image of your company.

Since your experience as a pro is invaluable, it might be a better choice for you to spend a little more designing your blog and let Wix ADI do all the work for you. Built on your answers to a few easy puzzles, this synthetic designer brain creates a blog for you with your font, lay-out, and colour scheme already in place - all in a matter of just a few moments.

Apart from the fact that this is the trend term of the day, it is one of the most important things about your website that you should concentrate on. Here is an overview of how you can give your blog the best UX: Aside from the obligatory pages - Home, About and Contacts - there are different menus for the different types of contributions you will publish (travel, prescriptions, flight yoga, etc.).

" With the Wix Blog, once you've created a single posting within a single topic, it's added to your blog heading instantly. Blogs in different catagories can have the same blog entries. When someone hits a day or browses your site, they are taken to a new page that contains all the postings that use that citation.

Add a seek bar: People can quickly browse your blog to find articles on any subject. Once a keyword is somewhere in the posting, not just in the headline or hash tags, it appears in the results. Easily build website content: In order to promote your audience, add contents to the website that excite them.

Similarly, all your contents, from your "Home" page to your description and title, should adhere to this advice: precise and convincing. At the bottom of your blog, include a section with your telephone number, e-mail and other important information so that people can easily get in touch with you.

Doing so will minimise their disappointment that they need to intensively seek to find your information. To welcome your reader, make an introduction that explains a little about yourself and describes the objectives of your blog. One good way is to add a quick poll to get to know your audience and ask them what kind of contents they are most interested in.

Then it' s your turn to immerse yourself in the articles you were planning when you launched this blog. It is obvious that the creation of contents is something you can study and improve in extra hours with improvements and a better comprehension of your audiences. But a good starting point is by setting up a blog timetable to diversity your themes and deciding how often you want to pose.

Create a spreadsheet containing each of the days and each of the weeks with the corresponding titles of the posts you will be covering. Finding a strategical equilibrium in your contents. You should always publish different contents at least once a year. Keep these important hints in the back of your head for every single blog post:

Generate assassin contents. Surprising contents is what distinguishes you from all other blog postings. New to the blogs community, this supporting guidebook will show you how to compose the right blog posting. Always keep in mind the intent of your blog posting, then you can put in the bell and whistle to seduce your public.

They can also help your blog post and titles get inspired. They should match the contents you are posting about. Wix Pro Galerie also lets you create a professionally designed photo gallary for your work. Their contents must be one of a kind, because Google not only knows and sees everything, but it's also illegal to copy them.

If done right, your blog's content will attract more visitors and help it gain a higher ranking in your results. But the first thing to do here is to be recognised by searching machines - the most favourite is Google. Wix sites have also been created with the right set of utilities to make your site viewable in seconds.

Key words are also how you know that you are targeting the right people. For example, if your blog is about photographing, you can use "recording techniques" because of the amount of searching and relevancy. To get more inspirational, these 10 basic (and free) selling software based online EEO utilities will help you find the right themes for your blog.

They should investigate and select, which are appropriate for your Website. Â This easy resource is already available in your wix blog to improve your AEO with a thorough step-by-step schedule and suggested catchwords. Optimization of single contributions. Add appropriate catchwords to your contribution in the most important places that Google and other searching machines will find.

This includes your postal heading (once), opening paragraphs (once), bodies (two to four times), as well as the headline and descriptions (once each). Searchengines cannot see photographs, so we use old text as a brief explanation of each picture to help them better grasp and recognise what it is.

When someone then browses it, there's a possibility that your picture will appear in Google Picture Search, so your item can be accessed by visitors via a hyperlink. Those are hyperlinks within your postings to go from one post to another on your blog. Your blog is a portable blog that is a portable device edition of your website.

To sum up, the first thing the company does to be recognised by the searching machine and optimised for SMEs is to purchase a mobile-friendly website. No need to work with a telescope on the website layout to get an impressive outcome. Wix Editor creates your website auto-generated optimised for all your equipment and displays.

To make sure your website is welcome in the on-line community, make sure you get a pre-view (both on your phone and desktop). Let a member of your household or a boyfriend check whether everything is grammatically accurate; when we are writing our own contents, we often miss small mistakes.

Do you then verify that the contents look the way you want them to? Now your blog is online and looks good. If you want to create a regular search engine for your blog's contents, give your visitors this opportunity in a clear and visual place on your website.

In the Wix-Blog it is already integrated into the theme, with the possibility to move it to any desired location by dragging & dropping. Using your subscriber roster, the first stage in e-mail-marketing is to begin with an initial e-mail to explain your blog and give your audiences an opt-in registration method.

You will begin to understand the number of interested persons from here. You can also use Wix ShoutOut to simply generate e-mails to post your blog entries. You can do everything with this utility, from adapting the theme to integrate your contact list, to automatic publication in your favorite community forums, to keeping track of your statistics.

Because your readership keeps reviewing their online community for fun and powerful information, these are some of the best places to advertise your blog. It' especially the case if you already have your own socially accessible sites, because you are likely to get your customers here with attractive picture headlines and contents.

Wix-Blog already contains a socially oriented web page under each new post, so your lucky reader can immediately start sharing your creations with their Facebook, Twitter and more Facebook and Twitter sites. People have the opportunity to track your blog. That means you become a member of your fellowship by dealing with your contributions and getting updated about your new contents.

Plus, if you're really excited about a member's thoughts, there's an optional way to make them a contributor author for your blog. To always be one jump ahead and keep publishing global news, it's important to take a back seat and understanding the power of your blog as a whole.

Among these, a favorite option is Google Analytics to see how your blog's visitors respond to your contributions (how many readership? How long do they read them? etc.) and Google Search Console to have a clear overview of the amount of organically generated visitors your blog has. Whenever you see a winning entry - be it a track, file type, or picture - you can easily spot it and build similar assets for the next.

Launch your own blog now!

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