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Allows you to perform the one-time configuration required by the WiX build: Steps by steps: Creating a Website from Scratch Much of the triumph of any company is a powerful web site. Although as a small businessman you've already made many new starts on your thrilling (yet often rocky) trip to living, you're still looking for instructions to make this work. Similar to building your own website there are a few key design features that you can' t ignore.

To make sure the way forward (and on the street, i.e. creating your own website) runs smoothly, we have put together a step-by-step tutorial to help you understand how to rebuild a website from scratch: Begin with the clear definition of the target to present your company in an effective way. Then make sure that your website matches the corporate image of your company, as it is important that your website complements every other part of your company - both on-line (social networking, blogs, etc.) and off-line (business cards, presentations, etc.).

It' now your turn for your research. You can then begin to pull together certain items that you think are best suited for your particular make. As your website takes form, it's your turn to gather all of your writing and vision. It is best to get all the text you want to use ready before you begin building your website.

Rest assured: you can always go back in your schedule and modify the text throughout the construction phase. However, it is useful to begin with a sound basis of contents, both in writing and visually (pictures, video, etc.). It is always better to make your users want more than to overcrowd your website and quickly make your users loose interest.

In addition, you cannot overlook the importance of the load times of your websites. You will want to present all important items right from the start, because customers need to know who you are and what you do. It is the centre of your website where your customers can rummage through your stunning offerings.

You can use this page as your on-line visiting pass. It' s exactly the point where you can present who you are, what you represent, your strong points, your beliefs and any other important information you think your customers should know about your sales people. Ensure that you set up an entirely new page containing your contacts, emails, community contacts, a maps, and all other ways that your user can interact with you.

It'?s a blog: Not only will you establish yourself as an authority on your subject by continually posting periodic and timely updates to your blogs, you will also give your search engine optimization activities a well-deserved push. There are 5 more ways to make a blogs for your company. Saves yourself and your customers some fun (and frustration) by incorporating a FAQ page to answer frequently asked question that may arise during your visitors' experiences.

There is less for you to waste your free hours gambling on telephone trailers and more for your own imperial expansion. We have everything from restaurants sites to on-line portfolio and on-line shops. Whether you believe it or not, colour has the capacity to influence and provoke certain emotion in your people. Choosing your pallet will also be an important factor in the overall site experience (conversions, page retention, etc.).

Restrict yourself to two colours for the other items (buttons, text, etc.) of your website. These guidelines will show you how to select the right colour for your website. To find the best font selection for your website, visit this ingenious article we've written that spans everything from how you rank your type to how you mix your type to how you keep up with the latest fashions.

Posting a movie to your website is also an effective way to attract your visitors' interest and spend your valuable online experience. This small but important addition can help connect items and enhance the overall feeling your site has. To make your site look good and your site look at home, it is important to keep your site as organised as possible.

Remember the hierarchies here: you will want your most eye-catching contents to be placed above the notch. It is the gold area that is displayed on the monitor without your users having to move around. In addition, it makes sense to keep in mind that most of your viewers will actually only scan your work. Our lives are in the era of IM, memories and the resulting brief periods of time.

Specifically, this means that your reader will most likely look for only two places on your page: the top and the bottom. Therefore, all your important information should be placed here. Leverage the center area for less important, inspiring contents such as pictures or video. Take Facebook and Co. to your benefit by enabling your users to easily distribute your contents across all your online community's online communities.

In order to do this, you need to include a socially responsible link on your website that is clearly and accurately displayed and properly associated with all your pages. Fortunately, Wix has created an easy-to-use, complete and free of charge way to take you through all these optimisation stages. SEO Wix Wiz, also known as the ultimative Wix help you to find SEO Wiz on-line.

Using the Fast Track toolbar, your users can simply browse for what they are likely to be looking for, such as emails or calls to your company. They can also link to different areas of your site to help reduce your browsing times and navigate through their site priority list.

As soon as all the items are in place, ask the persons you have confidence in for a second view on your website.

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