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High-performance customization tools, including the industry's best drag-and-drop editor. and the Business Associate Agreement. And if Wix is your DNS hosting provider, follow the steps in this article to check your domain and set up DNS records for email, Skype for business online, etc.


When your Wix hosting manager is running, perform the following procedures to include CNAME in Wix for DNS scanning. From the top level submenu, choose Abonnements >> Domains. From the Domain Overview screen, choose the Enhanced page. If you want to change the settings for your domain, click Admin. Next to CNAME (aliases), click Insert new CNAME record.

Enter the code for your domains in the alias name. When your DNS manager is hosting at Wix, perform the following procedures to append MX entries to Wix DNS to retrieve e-mail. From the top level submenu, choose Abonnements >> Domains. Click in the Base tab on Insert shortcut next to the E-mail (MX records) box.

On the next screen, choose "I have an email provider". Verify that Other is selected as the e-mail service and enter the following data. This section can be found in the Admin Control Panel for more specialized configurations, especially for your own domains. If you want to store the MX record for your domains, click Store Changes.

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You had 2 different sites, one website and 11 different voicemails (hosted with Google Apps) with Wix. It was our aim to move the names and inboxes to a new personal web site and maintain email traffic. Before we transferred the site, we set up a new hosting-account. Registrations will be transferred as normal, but we have kept the entry of the registration key until we were done with the email addresses.

As the email accounted is from Google Apps but from Wix, we had to take some extra work. We' ll call Google Appsupport to make sure the application is set up and running. After confirming the settlement amount, you have determined that the bank is in good condition.

Wix will need to be contacted and the settlement will be changed to Google. You will be advised that you must terminate your Wix subscription to mailboxes under Charges and Scriptions. After completion, the technical assistance will be provided and the customer's Google Credit card will be transferred to Google. They must go to a left, which you received by E-Mail and enter your new calculation data.

When you have prepaid for your voicemail, the amount of money that you have already payed will be sent. The customer has to pay until November 2017 and does not have to fill in the invoice data or pay at Google until November.

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