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The Wix Business Website

Three online professionals who select Wix for their business. Wix was born in 2006 with the goal of creating a simple do-it-yourself website where anyone could do it. We' ve come a long way since the first years we worked walking around walking around on top of a ruined house with bare feet, and we are proud to have built the world's premier website builders.

Webdesign, eCommerce, SEO, programming... today you can do everything on your Wix website. So we took the opportunity to meet with three of these professionals - an agency for business development, a web designers and a development team - to find out a little more about what they do and why Wix is such a great choice for them and their customers.

Since 2009, Wallaroo Media has been active in the field of business of SEO. Your role, in simple terms, is to help your customers take high positions in Google search and make them more telephone conversations, visitors and sell. Wallaroo is a highly experienced global executive search firm with several hundred customers across a variety of industry sectors and while working with major brand names such as Disney, IKEA and the NBA, they are also master champions in supporting small businesses locally.

When Wallaroo worked with Wix, they were immediately struck. "It' s very, very seamless," said Kade Hendershot, and added that he would definitely be recommending the site to companies locally. Here is the storyline of how Wallaroo was helping a small business proprietor treble the amount of visitors to his Wix website. Through the combination of the two, she began to create uniquely crafted floral artwork, note cards and books.

When interest in her work flourished (pun intended), she started her own small business and her own website, Vermont Expressed Flows. As Wallaroo began working with Ellie in 2017, she got about four or five phone and email messages a month. How many were there? They now receive an average of three to five phone calls per night and their website is ranked #2 for squeezed and squeezed Floristry sold on Google.

In order to bring Ellie to the top of Google for folksy keywords like squeezed floral arts, Wallaroo has added specific landings pages to her website. Wallaroo set up a timetable for the publication of blogs stuffed with SEO-friendly item ideals, and Ellie had no problems posting and posting contributions with a few easy mouse clicks. What's more, Wallaroo was able to create a website that was easy to use and easy to use.

My company found the achieved work in the field of strategic development so rewarding. "Meanwhile, Wallaroo is looking forward to working with more Wix customers and helps companies large and small make their way to the top of Google. Sokolov never thought she'd become the proprietor of a New York City-based designer firm that wins prestigious customers, leads a team of designer and handles dozens of thousand dollar contracts.

A graduate of the University of California, she began her professional life as a Senior Executive at TenBis, an Israeli high-tech firm headquartered in New York. There, while working on an on-line ordering application, Karen met Wix.com for the first time. Quickly she got in touch with the user surface and became experienced in working with the website creator.

Karen resigned her position in 2014 to concentrate full-time on webcasting. Under four years later, she heads Awaken Studio with Manhattan based office and an extensive customer list of over 100 companies worldwide. Your business offers web designing solution, brand-name package, media technology, and more. Karen and her crew are experienced web designer and big Wix Editor fan.

Not only does it allow them to create lean and intricate web sites with polished functionality, it also offers infinite design creativity on the Internet. "Karen also likes Wix going the additional miles and taking her needs into account. "There' s no other organization I know that works with professionals, considers their feedbacks and changes the products accordingly.

" Karen likes the fact that the design her staff create is immediately up-to-date, functionally up-to-date and simple to use. Karen's customers also enjoy the site because they enjoy being able to make changes on their own, even after the website has been shipped. She sees first hand how the sites she has created are quickly boosting business for many of her customers.

Karen's Studios created 2016 Tami's website and completely changed the business. As well as a breathtaking lay-out to present her photographs, Karen has added new functionality to the site as the business has been growing. Indeed, she has turned Tami's website into a high-performance selling wizard - with functions such as wix bookings to make an appointment, a blogs to help Tami become an authority on her area, and automatically generate vouchers to win more customers.

At Awaken Studio we have made sure that as Little Legacy grows, the website grows as well. Despite this difficult market situation, Nayeli Gomez has established an extremely strong web business, an energetic YouTube platform and a recognised franchise. Nayeli Wix, like Karen, found Wix by chance.

During 2010 she ended up with a career in the trucks sector and was asked to create a website for her business. Exactly one website she had built by that time, but she thought: Over the next seven years, she worked her way up to look after 50 individuals and administer more than 50 Web sites.

With Nayeli reading everything she could find about Wix Code, a new function that lets you develop web applications, make rugged web sites, and setup database on Wix. She was able to make a YouTube TV show with videos andutorials. Today her telephone is ringing out of time, her e-mail in-box is filling up with thousands of e-mails a Day from prospective customers, and she has so much business that she has chosen to make Total Encodable, a website where she shares some of her lead to other design and development professionals.

In addition, she built a design and development fellowship around her Facebook group and the website around it. Build your own website today with Wix!

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