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Administer your company. Administer your company. It' simple and you don't need any programming knowledge. Build a professionally designed website, sign up your domain name, setup a personalised mailbox, email your email marketing, get world-class web site hosting and more. Helps people find your company with a website that's optimised for Google and other keywords.

Get free, secure and dependable website webhosting so you can work worry-free.

Increase your professionality with a P.O. Box associated with your own domain.

Check if a domain name is available | Help Center

See if the domain name you want is available, and then buy your domain directly from Wix! Important: To link a domain to your Wix site, you must first update your site to a premium plan. Checks whether the desired domain is available: Visit the My Domains page.

If you already have a domain, click Buy a new domain name, or if you already have a domain, click Buy a domain, and then click Buy a new domain. Type your domain name and your extension in the box below. Select Find. When the domain is available, click Get It to directly enroll it with Wix. If the domain is not available, go back to 4 and try another domain oruffix.

To find out more about the best domain name for you, click here.

This is a tutorial: Purchase and setup of a Wix domain name | Help Center

Below is a step-by-step guide to the buying and setup of a domain from Wix. Tip: If you buy an annual Combo, Limited, eCommerce or VIP subscription, you will get a free domain for one year! To find out more about selecting the right domain name for a company, click here.

Move your mouse over the control field at the top right and click on Areas. If you have already bought a domain from Wix, click Buy a new domain name or click Buy a new domain and then click Buy a new domain. Type the domain name and extension you want to buy in the seek box, and then click Find.

When the domain you want is not available, try looking for another domain name or extension. When the domain you want is available, click Get It. Be sure to spell your domain name properly as it is not possible to modify it after purchasing it.

Choose a domain registry timeframe and click Next. When you have a domain coupon, it will be issued for your domain name. Longer registrations mean higher cost reductions! Type the domain's address information and click Next. Tip: If you previously bought a domain through this domain bank, check your available contacts information and click Edit if changes are made.

If you want to use different types of information for your Tech Contacts or Admin Contacts, clear the Tech Contacts Info or Admin Contacts Info check box and specify the appropriate information. Choose a registry for your domain and click Next: Register Private: Paid an extra charge to conceal your contacts in the Whois data base.

When you choose this checkbox, your domain will remain privat even if it is renewed. If necessary, you can deactivate the personal registry for the time being. Registering publicly: The ones who want to get in touch with you will be directed to a mail forwarding page that will protect you from spamming. It can only be changed to privat if you extend the domain plan by hand.

Individual-related data, such as the name, postal and e-mail addresses of the EU users, may be passed on to third persons with a justified interest (as defined by the domain registrar). When you choose to register privately, this information is proprietary and will not be shared with third party companies. Please fill in your preferred billing option and click the Finish Purchase button:

This is my stored card: When you have stored a map and want to use this map, choose My stored map. Using a different card: To save a memory or use another memory device, choose Use another memory device and type your payment information.

Important: You can only link a domain to a website that has been upgrade to a premium plan. Unless your domain has connected itself to a premium site in your affiliate accounts without your permission, proceed with the following procedure. Move your mouse over the control field at the top right and click on Areas.

Use the pop-up arrows next to the domain you want to join. Choose the General page and click Join next to Connections to Location. Then click on Join next to the corresponding location. Important: You can only link a domain to a website that has been upgrade to a premium plan.

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