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Change Wix Template

To use a different template, you can create a new website with the new template. It is also possible to create a website using ADI, which allows layout changes after the website has been created. Inquiry:: Change the editor template | Help Center Currently it is not possible to use another template on a Wix site that you have already made. This means that once you've built a website and added contents, you won't be able to use another template on that website. It' also not possible to have two different Wix layouts on one website, you can only work with one template at a given moment.

To use a different template, you can use the new template to make a new website. Notice: Once you have a new website in place, you can move your Premier Plans and your domains to your new website. It is also possible to use ADI to design a website, which allows you to change the layouts after the website has been designed.

In case this is a function that you would like to see in the near term, please click tune for this function and we will keep you informed.

Change the design of your website ADI | Help Center

Modify the look and feel of your website with just a few mouse clicks. What's more, it's easy to change the look and feel of your website. Change the look of your website: In the upper pane within ADI, click Site Design. Select your favourite theme or customise your chosen theme. Click Personalize Theme (Optional). Among the styling choices are: Tip: If you make changes to the theme set that you want to return to, but determine that you want to return to the theme set's initial setting, click Reset.

WIX doesn't allow the user to change the template, why?

Just think, your page has an editing head area, as well as links, center, right, and footers. Change your design to another page with the same texture - no big deal. Now you can see the design you want to update to. There is the editorable headline and the editorable bottom line, the editorable right and the editorable top line.

It doesn't have a center pillar. Insert in the leftside part? At this point, the display is not balanced, and the length of the right hand side is longer than the length of the first. Trouble #2 is Bob's creating a topic. It calls the leftside col "col1", the center "col2" and the right "col3", which all work well.

And Mandy creates a topic and called it " left_col", " middle_col" and " right_col". In this way, the saved files are linked to files that no longer have a name.

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