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The Wix Chat App

After all, you can extend the functionality of your website with apps from the Wix Marketplace. Append the chat button on the Wix page. With the HTML app you can add your own HTML code or embed another website into your Wix site.

Add Wix Chat to your website | Help Center

Customize your website with a chat window so you can chat with your users firsthand! Have them ask you a question or start a chat with them. For adding Wix Chat: Right-click on the editor and click Insert. Please click on Contacts. Choose the chat outlay you want to use.

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Which is the best chat app for Wix pages? Got to chat with mobiles and transfer GA information.

The LiveChat Helpdesk application is recommended. Android and iOS are web, mobile and web based chat plugins that let you reach your customers on the go. It also sends you a pushed alert on your machine when a user sends you a notice. LiveChat can also be integrated with Facebook Messenger.

Integrate to collect Facebook information in LiveChat and interact with users who connect to you via chat or Facebook from an app. In addition to Facebook Messenger, LiveChat offers over 96 integrated features with Google Analytics, Joomla, BotEngine, Zapier, HubSpot, SalesForce, Twitter, MailChimp and GetResponse. Because we know customers' needs are rising, we've provided our software with practical chat features to help you provide quicker support and help customers gain confidence in you.

They can take full benefit of such utilities as: Messages sent by SMS messages that allow you to see what a user is typing before sending a post to you. Box replies that are ready-made replies that can be initiated by pressing a key. Information about your users that you can use to find out immediately who is sending you messages.

This tells you whether the output was received from a particular client. And last but not least, we offer 24/7 support, and you can always get in touch with us if you have any difficulties using our products.

The best 3 WIX chat sessions and how to use them.

Today, we're exploring the best 3 WIX chat sites for support and showing you how to deploy and use them on your website. What can I do to set up a chat session on my WIX website? When you run your website on WIX, you should know that you can actually use any chat application.

Already the chat is available on all your sub-pages. Does it mean that any chat room can be good for your website? Trouble is that although you can use any WIX chat without any problems, there are some errors and problems when WIX doesn't offer any specific integrations.

For example, the HTML interface that you use to create the chat on your website will take up a great deal of your website even if you don't have an open chat interface. This means that if there's something behind your HTML screen, the visitor can't click on it, which is not acceptable if you want your site to look professionally.

The WIX can be native into many other apps. For this reason, we present you the rankings of the 3 best chat rooms that are best embedded in WIX, so that they offer a specific plug-in that you can directly download and deploy on your WIX website. The Formilla WIX system includes a free one-man chat with the free base for one-man team.

A chat box will then be added to your site, which you simply need to link to your Formilla email address via the preferences. You' ll also get privileged control over the quite comprehensive customisation features in a WIX pane, so you can personalise the font and colour of your chatbox.

The Formilla is a rather simple but user-friendly chat room that offers all the important functionality but doesn't address extended functionality. In addition to chats with your users, you can also generate pre-chat templates, define baseline automatic replies, and get the baseline up-to-the-minute information about the users currently surfing your site.

The Android and iPhone application lets you chat with your guests on the go. From $11. 99 per affiliate per monthly, it's definitely not the best value for your money when it comes to value for money chatting online, but if you're looking for a chat experience that integrates well with your WIX site, it might be a good idea to consider it.

Another very much loved chat application, LiveChat blends smoothly into WIX. Unfortunately, LiveChat has very few default options within the WIX console, so if you want to change it in detail, you need to do so within the operator's webspace. The chat room is best known for its ease of use, as its intuitive graphical design is incredibly simple to use and the integrated online chat guide guides you through every stage of the install and use processes.

The LiveChat is especially convenient for e-commerce users with deployed tools like the ticket system that can help you process more than one case. You also have a multitude of choices to pursue the effects of your chat calls on the realization of e-commerce objectives. Unfortunately the LiveChat chat interface is probably not the most advanced and the program does not provide a free one.

Instead, you get a 30-day evaluation to test all the features, and then you start charging $19 per monthly per agency, which is pretty costly compared to any other piece of work. The Tidio Chat is the ultimate chat tool if you are looking for a WIX website chat.

Offering a free release for up to 3 users, it has a contemporary look and probably provides all the features you need. Installing is easy as always, you just need to download the app from a WIX app store and you are done using the chat. What is great about Tidio Chat is that you get many different ways to adjust your chat within WIX, so you don't have to go to the Tidio widget too often to modify the look like layouts, colours or chat contents.

The Tidio Chat is an extensive app for the amount of money it costs. Aside from the free release, which still has a good deal of features, the Premier Schedule begins at $15 per months for each extra feature schedule, which means extra chat features such as opening times settings or the automated feature that is really well crafted in comparison to other chat rooms.

And another chat application that provides similar features is PlayerEngage, you can read the reviews of this application in our log. The Tidio service provides you with a number of features for free, such as collecting customer feedbacks, sharing your file with your users, or simply switching between chat and email when you receive your visitors' emails.

Tidio Chat can be very useful to integrate into your Facebook fansite so that you can process all your client queries sent with Messanger via the Tidio website. It' s convenient for beginners and allows you to deeply customize your chat windows, which will look great on any WIX website.

In summary, Tidio is a great option for those of you who run a website or e-commerce shop on WIX.

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