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The Wix Company

Wix.com Ltd. develops and markets an Internet service that enables users to create Web content in Latin America, Europe, North America, Asia and internationally. So, if you choose Wix, you're in very good company. Wix.

com Ltd. provides web development, design and management solutions and applications. Actually, I used it to create our own bilingual company website Tooltester.net.

Start-up Wix has one of the most spectacular offices in Israel.

Behind the five-year-old company are VC companies such as Benchmark and Bessmer. This 300-person start-up is based in Tel Aviv in an up-and-coming area near Tel Aviv Port, a beautiful seaside resort. Wix-Büro welcomes you with a window frame that shows the ocean. Beneath the exterior part of the offices are the windows........and the window surrounds the buildings and gives every offices a glimpse of the Mediterranean.

Here is a look at the Port Area's beach and bureau. The area is being converted from storage halls to administrative premises. When you get tired of the sea, turn around and see all of Tel Aviv. This is Shai relishing the views. Inside we find Shai Kfir, a head of the development group.

However, they attack the big corporations. All offices have large window to enjoy the view. Areilla Berstein from Brazil, David Koskos from France, Paloma Catalan from Spain (in blue). There is a great taste for humour and all kinds of puppets fill the work. Mannequins keep the production management department running.

Cohen, Roy Cohen, our Brand Management Officer, posing for our image. The Dutch development head Boaz Zaionce also posed for us. There' always one or two clerical dogs, too.

Wix.Com Ltd (WIX.O) Company Profile

Founded on October 5, 2006, Wix is a web based developer community that enables companies and organisations to put companies, brand names and workflows on-line. It provides a solution that enables shopkeepers to manage various parts of their operations on-line, such as the sale of goods, reservation of bookings, schedule planning and confirmation.

Wix offers Wix registration clients a customized frontend for clients who visit their website and a backend managed desktop board. This company has designed these application solutions for companies in certain industries, which include retailers and on-line shops, services, hotels and properties, musicians and caterers. Those vertically-facing apps are built into the company's website template or can be deployed on any legacy website and deployed by the end-customer without the need to type coding.

We offer our services in various language versions, such as English, French, Spain, Portugal, Italian, Czech, Estonian, Russian, Hungarian, Serbian, German, Japan, Hungarian, Serbian, Korean, Polski, Netherlands, Turkish, Hindi, Norway, Danish Kingdom and Sweden. It provides web authoring, web designing and web application services and web application services through an on-line portal that allows its corporate, organisational, professional and individual users to build a virtual experience.

Web authoring technologies are powered by HTML5 (Hypertext Mark-up 5 ) and provide HTML5 compliant features, web designing and lay-out utilities, domains hosted and other application and service support for merchandising and workflow planning. Registration on the company's website gives our customers the opportunity to use the Wix Publisher, an on-line publisher that allows them to create and maintain an infinite number of websites in order to create or improve their own virtual world.

Its free products and services include Wix Editor, Wix Artificial Name Intelligence, Wix Mobile Web, Wix App and Wix SEO Tool. The Wix Editor provides rich viewing experiences and several code-free functions such as full-screen stripe layout, full-page background videos and one-click parallelism.

Combining pertinent designs and coursed contents, Wix ADI creates a personalised website that is customized to the user's needs within a few-minute. The Wixobile Web allows registrated Wix Web customers to build their own Wix Web site. The Wix App allows end-consumers to manage their websites and Wix OSs on the go and anywhere to do business in near real-time.

Wix SEO Tool allows registrated visitors to add a descriptor and a keyword related to the website to their websites so that web visitors or clients can find the websites of their registrated visitors by looking for the descriptor or keyword and using web browsers. Company premiums are primarily acquired by companies, organisations and individuals working in a variety of sectors including the arts, financial affairs, leisure, music, aesthetics, sport, hospitality, housing and publications.

Wix Editor's premier subscription offerings provide all the functionality of Wix Editor, as well as customized functionality such as e-commerce and scheduling, and market intelligence such as Google Analytics and mailinglists. In addition, his premiums also provide tech-savings. With some of its premier subscription products, the company also provides promotional coupons that allow registrated members to enhance their online experience by promoting their pages on third-party websites such as Bing and Google.

It' s premier subscription offerings provide extra functionality like Connect Your Domain, Google Analytics, removing Wix brand ads and Faviconad. Among the company's value-added products and services are Wix App Market and out. Wix App Market is an on-line marketplace that provides its subscribers with a set of application tools that can be added as add-ons to subscribers' sites.

WebShoutOut is an email campaign management software that allows subscribers to generate and distribute email messages such as newsletter, update and promotion directly from their WixShoutOut account. WixHotels, WixStores, WixMusic, WixBookings, WixPhotography, WixRestaurants and Wix Video are among the company's verticals. The WixStores is an e-commerce platform that allows your existing customers to build, customize and administer an on-line shop that allows them to shop their goods on-line and make payment via an embedded basket of goods user interface.

The Wix Reservations application is an end-to-end on-line scheduling system that enables small companies to link with their clients, administer dates and group reservations, and attract more deals by enabling them to make reservations on-line. WinHotels offers a comprehensive room asset creation and maintenance system with functions for price setting, accounting, reservations and payments processing using certain built-in payments options.

It is a total end-to-end package that encompasses a musical performer, commission-free selling, a DAM system, track and trace, live promotions and ticketeting, fans and communications messaging and a set of custom template designs for musical websites. The Wix Photography is a software package for the photographer who wants to build his own photo collection portfolios and run his own shop on-line.

The Wix Video allows Wix Video members to present, advertise and distribute video on their Wix website. GoDaddy is competing with Endurance International, GoDaddy and Web.com.

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