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Wix complaints on the Internet are a lot. Wix.com blocks the site to frustrate users for an upgrade. Send your complaint or review to Wix.

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I' ve locked my bankroll. That was while my bank wasn't being cleared because I was taking a pause. Automatic customer services are never ready to give a personal answer. 26 July 2018 I phoned to clear up issues I had regarding my domainname (I bought it from a firm and synchronized it with my Wix website).

I sent Wix a note saying that I would be paid through them, and I wanted to make sure that was right so that I would not loose the services or my domainname.... Payment and no services. Poor client services, impolite on the telephone and just horrible. Moving around, forgetting the bankroll, passing the time of my lifetime, and recently I came back in and made a few sites.

I' m sorry. My e-mail and my passwords are.... I' m about to sink my bank here. Initially, on 21 May 2018, I registered a ticketing for an old bank statement that I had opened while working for another organization. Since I no longer had my e-mail address accessible to me to delete my credentials and shut down my bankroll, I have applied to have my bankroll shut down and a full refund made....

I' ve been spending the last 2 hrs fixing my website title and SEO because your website screwed everything up. My Wix Box as well as my Wix website have been offline since April 8, 2018. In every single plattform my website lags behind very much and my visitors keep moaning about how slowly my website reacts.

I' ve updated my schedule and am a Premier Username, but still! I would receive a full reimbursement from Danx, a so-called Wix products expert who was approved by e-mail (see below). And I quit my plans the same one. It'?s a shameful duty. There is no client support and the client is really very sluggish.

Having initially found Wix about five years ago, I started using the site to create brand names and businesses for my customers using Wix as a trading and hosting site, but after receiving a customer complaints that his whole site was a temple, I started investigating..... Last year I purchased a Premier Scheme for my company.

I' ve canceled my site my bonus scheme this year but they have still taken a deposit from my bankroll for an extension for £179. Tried to get in touch with them on an international basis. For all intents and purposes, trash disposal firm, trash products. It is a miserable business that is worth closing because of its awful services - of course, there is no access to our client services.....

Every time I try to get in touch with my service or technical assistance, they keep returning with non-helpful answers to me and my issue is never solved, but they keep returning to me....

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