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Go to the Wix website: https://www.wix.com/ and click on "Start now".

Start with Wix in less than 5 mins!

If you are a buisness proprietor or services company, you want your website to appear in key search queries for your audiences, but many don't know where to begin or don't have the budgets to employ them. Wix.com allows anyone to create a professionally looking website in a matter of moments with no need for engineering or designing skills.

We' re providing you with a short guide on how to create and setup your Wix account, how to create your first website with a Wix Website Builder, and how to get full control of all the functions available to you. Account setup is very simple.

To have your Wix account up and ready in just a few moments, please complete the following procedures. As you do not yet have an account, click on the button "Register" above the blank. Log in with your current Facebook or Google account or with an e-mail by entering your e-mail address and your Password and click Log In.

There is no need for e-mail validation or validation. Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to the site building procedure to create your first website. To create your site immediately, if you don't want to, you can click the user name symbol at the top right of the page to see and modify your account information.

Creating an account only lasts a moment and you're set to work on your new website. In order to create a new website, you can proceed from where you signed up where you are asked: "What kind of website do you want to create? When you are no longer there, click on the Wix logos at the top of the page and then on "Create Your Website".

Alternatively, you can click the plus symbol (+) at the top right of the page to create a new website at any given moment. Every times you launch a new Wix website, you will be asked what kind of website you are building. Wix will use this to provide more meaningful content drafts depending on the sector you are in.

They can select one of the available catagories to you, like e.g. Blog, restaurant, Wellness, on-line Shop and more. Please click on the appropriate categorie or select "Other" if you do not find anything suitable. Wix Editor is the "normal" site building tool offered by Wix. Allows you to select a style sheet, modify your website using the drag-and-drop user Interface, apply applications, and more.

It' a Wix Website builder that uses artistically designed intelligent technology to create and build a website for you, so you don't have to edit and change your website for an hour before it's even there. Because there are two ways to create your website, we'll show you how it works with each one.

We will ask you for information about your website in order to create the best possible website for you. If you are a professional and you want to select the best options from the Wix proposals, for example. If applicable, please enter your email adress or click "Skip". Last but not least, Wix ADI gathers information about you from your on-line resource to create a personalised and meaningful website.

From the Wix ADI suggested choices, browse to the desired theme group. As soon as Wix ADI has created your homepage, you can start following the customization steps. If you have styling capabilities and want to redesign something from the ground up, you can also pick a plain one. If you mouse over a style sheet that you like, click View to see what it looks like as a web site and click Modify to pick it out for your site.

When you click on " editing ", you are in the Wix editor, where you can make changes, attach text, modify the theme, attach applications, store and post your website, among others. As soon as you have at least one website in your Wix account, the Wix account will be available to you.

First click on the Register Wix link and re-enter your account information. In order to modify a website, click on the green "Manage website" icon and the Wix WebsiteBuilder will open. When you are not signed in, click "Sign in" at the top right of the page and type in your Wix log-in information.

Modify your account preferences, see and modify accounting information, upgraded to Premier, create personalised e-mail and more.

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