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From a technical point of view, to create a website, you only need a text editor to encode an HTML file. Getting a free website with Wix. Wix.com is a website that lets you create your own Flash enabled website for free.

Creating a Website with WIX: Step-by-Step Guide

Web site construction plattforms have recently become a great asset. A recent example is Square's April 2018 takeover of Weebly, another beloved website development site, by Square. Setting up your own WIX website is free and relatively easy. Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to use WIX to create your own website.

Keep in mind that the kind of website you are selecting will affect the kind of choices and template you can make later, so pick the one that best suits your company and the kind of website you are trying to create. As soon as you've decided what kind of website you want to create, you'll be taken to a variety of different template pages to pick from.

Scroll through the favorite template or look for something in particular. They can also perform searches in certain category, such as web sites created specifically for advisors, vendors or markets. You can also select from a variety of mostly empty topics and then set up from there. One of the first things you should do is to refresh your company name, heading and any other text on the page that is not specifically for your company.

In order to do this, simply click on the text you want to modify and you'll see a text editors that you can use to enter new text and resize, modify fonts and other items. You can click on photographs contained in the original to turn them into a photograph more specifically for your company.

You also have the possibility to modify the wallpaper of your page. Simply click the wallpaper button on the side bar and you can select a colour or submit a picture or movie that will act as a wallpaper for your site. Actually, your website is just a base for your new one.

Click the "Add" icon on the side bar to see a listing of the possible page items you can attach to your website. Things like text fields, pictures, slide shows, button icons, menus, videos, forms, and more can be added. If you click one of these items from the drop-down box, you'll see some different choices for the kind of styles you want to apply to your website.

They can also select which pages you would like to embed on your website. A page you might want to consider including if you haven't chosen it as your home page is a blogsite. Now you can create a blogsite for your website by creating this page item using the site toolbar in your site.

You can then organize your contributions and even create new contents in the side bar. A branch director is also contained in the side bar. If you are satisfied with any part of your website, it is your turn to post it. Or, you can link your WIX site to your own trademark name.

Once you're done, the outcome should be a website that truly reflects your company and that you'll be proud to advertise through online and offline advertising. This is the basis for the creation of a free website for your company with the WIX-Plattform.

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