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The registration of a new domain name with the Wix Website-Builder is free in the first year with the purchase of the Combo-Plan or higher. Connection of a domain purchased elsewhere | Help Center you can link a domain you bought from another domain registration company to your Wix site. It is possible to associate an off-site domain with Wix by using one of the following options: Link a domain to WixYour domain stays with the domain hosting from which you bought the domain, but is linked to your Wix site.

A domain is transferred to the WixYour domain and all management issues are shifted to Wix from the domain hosting you bought the domain from. Please click here to find out more about how to get your domain to Wix. Please click here to find out more about the differences between the connection and the transfers of your domain to Wix.

Please note: Linking a domain to your website is a prime function. As an alternative, you can buy a domain directly from Wix by qualifying for a upgrade to a Premier Plan. Most of our Premier Plan include a free one-year domain coupon.

Link your domain with Wix.

Wix.com is a free website for small businesses, small businesses, labels, musicians, photo journalists, artisans, businesses and on-line shops who want to build vibrant web pages and portable webpages. Featuring an easy-to-use website building user experience, breathtaking HTML5 themes, easy-to-use pull and drag utilities, soft plug-ins, web applications, and portable optimization, adjusting and enhancing your website's web visibility does not require any programming knowledge.

What can I do to link my custom domain to my Wix site? Sign up or submit your own domain name (you can bypass this if you already have a domain with us). Choose your domain and choose "Wix.". Within a few moments you can link your nice website with your individual domain.

To successfully link your domain with Wix, please complete these simple instructions! Enter your domain name under 'Setup with Wix'.

Unique Wix Domain names

If you need help or if you want us to link your domain for you, please click here to submit this information! Navigate to your page editors and click Preferences > Domains. Enter your domain in the user-defined domain field, e.g. "www.yourdomain.com".

Be sure to enter your domain in lower case letters to prevent the "Page not found" bug when you access your site. After clicking on "Update", please choose "Wix" from the drop-down box (choose "Other" if your domain name is not included in the list). B. To setup your Wix domain, please obey the following instructions:

Log in to your Wixkonto, move your cursor over the "person symbol" in the upper corner and click on "domains". On the My Subdomains page, click the In-line drop-down arrow for the domain for which you want to add a domain name. Choose "Advanced". They should be substituted by your own domain name.

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