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I'm in tears and send email requests that are never answered. Today, many people access e-mail services. When using the email service they are also faced with different types of problems with their email service. SUPER Wix SUCKS for his terrible e-mail only customer support. I have sent numerous e-mails to track my refund, I have only received replies that refuse my refund.

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You will not be refunded any funds for cancellations of service. and I had six month left for my year of pay. Truly bad commercial practice! Terrible customer service that allows Wix to raise funds and run a flawed operation at the expense of our own effort to run our own operations.

So I will try to pay all the monies I have payed and refund them so that they can run my site. Terrible customer service! Terrible customer service. I' m in a state of crying and send email requests that never get answered. I' ve got lots of pages with Wix (and I mean MUCH)... They provide a good service, and loan where loan is due, I have never let a website go down (I have 10 pages)... So they obviously pay good bucks for hosting.

However, Wix, you REALLY need a simple way for your clients to contact you, such as a web chats function. How to take off your customers' cash and leave them without a way to contact you, albeit quite badly! But WIX didn't delay taking my cash. I' ve tried to reach a customer service representative and still can'.

There'?s no number for contacting a living human. You send them an automatic email inviting them to plan a call, but it simply takes to their cold shots are scrap-tutorials and online hyperlinks that give me no help. Bad operational procedures and customer service! I' ll never do deals with them again and make sure my associates don' either.

Websites are simple to build. Resulting pages are quite sluggish, but look good. A reply was sent to me by customer service that was marked as spamming. Their first answer was a general farewell interview that their action was routine, but there was an opportunity to appeal. Since then I have been receiving a reimbursement, but it is an imperfect reimbursement, about £15.

The last thing I want to say is that as poor as Wix was at dealing with the pace of their pages and their renewal processes, I had fewer problems with them than with Bluehost, which I still use for another page. Regrettably, I do not have a 4 or 5 stars expertise that I can divide across any hosters.

The loading times were the same as when they dialed into the 90s, even if they used their own templates and pictures. Last weekend I received an email saying that the site was up for renovation (next week) when I was checking my checking box that the funds had already been withdrawn. After cancelling the page, I went to customer service.

I lifted a lottery pass last night and surprised after over 24hrs, no answer and certainly no refunds. Your website shows the service staff meeting time, but the time is no good where I am, and others have explained that after trying to open it, no one is there.

After checking their reputations on similar rating pages, they're all the same, I can't believe such a fraudulent deal can be so big on-line that and that. Personally, I like the website and the utilities they have provided, but their rebate service for Kuatimer is very bewildering and does not work.

However, they do not really comply with the 14-day probationary period and they have a clear reimbursement system and give no reason. I' d even prefer an opt to have the balance on my bankroll and use it at a later date, but the only automatic responses I got were rejections without justification.

i thought i was kammed, but they're actually a real comany. Thus my website that was billed me the royal amount of 150 lbs was established to do this, the payments established with strips, still can not get all the funds they hold and can not account for why.

Attempting to send an email to them to resolve these problems is almost impossibly, trying to get the answer in a regular timeframe is impossibly and they actually sort it, it just didn't happen. It' been a few months since I filed a no reply tickets! I' ve been a customer payer for two years.

Now, I'm trying to get a reimbursement. Each serious business has a telephone number where you can reach us. Also found an alerting amount of angry complaints regarding complaints found on-line and on the BB about how Wix takes funds from bank balances even after termination. Somebody said that my site was copyrighted even though the contents were associated with another bankroll I owned.

You can take your cash elsewhere as there are many other sites that provide a much better gaming experiance than these wildcards. UPDATING: Wix Customer Service contacted me although it was over 16hrs later, but as soon as they contacted me they were kind and promptly addressed my issue and everything was solved to my fullest satisfaction, so I upgrade them from a 1-star to a 3-star.

It' s with great sadness that I leave this Review; my only excuse for doing this is that others are not deceived by the Wix Website Company LIKE I WAS and deceived for their funds. Not until recently in September 2017 was it that I realised when I went to settle my £145 charge that Wix had billed me another £145 for my website.

With my husbands, I am questioning this because I had already bought the business for my website in March this year. Said they sent me an email and I should abort if I don't need the back-up site that I've been looking through all my email from my spam to my mailbox and my recycle bin, at no time was there any such email.

So when I questioned this with the firm they explained to me that the reason why I was billed twice was because the second page was at 145 as support for my website as it was not on self-renewal and that this was to stop my website from shutting down, but really shutdown the second page was a fee they put on me 5 months later after my first page was bought?

Yes, I know, but I have periodic corporate accounts every months and I just thought it was natural that all parts of my website like domains etc., but that wasn't the case that this firm earned free cash from me, not only by sticking to my unlawful corporate accounts, but also by calculating a second website that was never in use.

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