Wix Customer Service number

Customer service number

Here you will find a tracking ID that starts with UA- and is followed by a number. Shopify Squarespace Weebly Wix Wordpress Bluehost Blogger. Hints for handing in a support ticket | Help Center

in order to open the Wix contact page, where you can hand in a tickets or call back at any time during the opening times of our call centre. Select the most appropriate catagory and track each stage to provide the fastest support from Wix Support. What you should bear in mind if you are filing a ticket:

When you submit a ticketing related to invoicing, make sure you choose Bill, Charges & Subscriptions on the Wix contact page. Please note: To avoid confusing the issue and shorten the reaction times of our technical staff, please do not open more than one issue on the same subject.

Get in touch with Wix.com quickest, no waiting period.

The best way to solve your Wix.com customer service problem is to go to your helpdesk. If you tell us your particular problem on this page, we can get you to the right Wix.com help page even quickly. Wix.com doesn't have a number, which is a disgrace. Unfortunately, Wix.com does not currently provide online chats as a customer service channel.

For current issues, Wix.com has been approached by customers: So far as we know, there is only one way to get in touch with Wix.com, as shown above. When you know another way to get there that we're not showing here, let us know by typing No below where she asks if this page is useful, and give us your feed back.

Bigger businesses sometimes have tens of telephone numbers and other ways to reach their customer service teams via instant messaging, e-mail, Twitter and a wide range of different types of medium. We can tell you in these cases which are the best and which are the best side by side for waiting times, response times, communications qualities, customer service qualities, customer feedback and more.

Take a look at our Contacts UPS page or our Contacts Hulu page for example. We can't really offer this kind of help if you want to get in touch with Wix.com because they don't have more than one line or way to get in touch.

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