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Follow orders and manage your inventory from your desktop or mobile phone. Calling the Mobile Editor | Help Center At Wix we create a portable copy of your website for you to use. You can use the portable editor to modify your website from your desktop. Calls the mobile editor: In the upper part of the editor, click the symbol Click Editor Views. Toggle to Phone click.

In order to return to the desktop display, click on Desktop in the editor toolbar and choose Change Desktop Display.

Also, you can use Ctrl-J ( or Cmd-J for Mac users) to toggle between them. Important: The desktop and portable version of your website represents different display mode of the same website; they are not different websites. Changing your desktop site affects your portable screen, while changing your portable site doesn't change your desktop screen.

Inquiry:: Add a "Go to Desktop" to your mobile website | Help Center

Currently there is no "Go to Desktop" icon available that allows your users to switch from your portable website to your desktop site. Our goal is to constantly upgrade and enhance our product, and your comments are very welcome. In case this is a function that you would like to see in the near term, please click tune for this function and we will keep you informed.

Via the Mobile Editor | Help Center

Their desktop site is transformed into an automatic website suitable for mobiles. Your desktop and portable website display different display mode of the same website; they are not different websites. Changing your desktop site affects your portable website. Any changes you make to your portable website will not appear on your desktop site.

Calls the mobile editor: Select the Switch Editor Views symbol in the upper part of the editor. Select Edit View via Mobil. Browse pages, find your concealed items, enhance your layouts for your portable pages, and more from the navigation panel on the far left of your portable editor. Changing your wallpaper on the go without affecting your desktop wallpaper.

Quick action toolbar helps your users get to the most important parts of your website more quickly. Adjust the layouts of the portable versions of your websites or use the Page Layouts Optimizer utility. Using the portable widget, you can customise your portable website, move items, resize fonts and more.

Text sizes are optimised for your portable viewing experience, but can be changed. There are some items concealed in your mobile-friendly website. They can be accessed using the menus on the far right. Modify the wallpaper of your portable menus, create frames, personalise text, and more. Reorder the order of your website's section.

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