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Domain registry and domain name search free of charge Receive a one-year free domain coupon when you register for one of our annual premium plans*. Select from favorite domain suffixes like .com,.org,.net,.

info,.biz,.co.uk and many more. Searchengines look at your domain to find out what your website is about. Keys in your domain name will help you take a higher place in your results, making it easy for clients to find you.

As soon as you have your own domain, you can increase your reputation by creating a customized mailbox that matches your domain. Select from 100 fully customized template files, sign up for your own domain name and get free, secured webhosting. When your new website goes live, Wix lets you get a customized email account, sign up for e-newsletters, create an on-line shop, increase your visitor flow and run your shop now.

Their domain name is the first thing they see when they go to your website, so you want to do it right. Take a look at our policies and find the best domain name for your website and your company. Full details of the T&C for obtaining a one-year free domain coupon and linking your domain can be found here.

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Update to an annual Combo, Enterprise, eCommerce or VIP Premium Plan to get a free domain for one year. In order to buy a domain: To buy a new domain, click here. Type your domain name and extension in the dropdown box, and then click Find. When the domain is available, click Get It to directly enroll it with Wix.

If the domain is not available, go back to STEP 2 and try another domain or anotheruffix. Choose the registry timeframe and click Next. Type (or edit) your contacts information and click Next. Register Private: We do not display your contacts in the WTOIS domain information. Registering publicly: It can only be changed to privat if you extend the domain plan by hand.

Notice: According to the GDPR the person-related data of EU (European Union) based registered members do not appear in the published WHOI entries. Individual-related data, such as the name, postal and e-mail addresses of the EU visitor, may be passed on to third persons with a justified interest (as defined by the domain registrar).

When you choose to register privately, this information is proprietary and will not be shared with third party companies. Choose your preferred billing option and click Finish Purchase. Tip: Find out more about the best domain name for you.

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