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Combine Domain, Combo, Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP. Are all Wix plans equipped with hosting? Wix gives you two choices: We have two hosts here with unique specialties - Wix's is website creation and GoDaddy's is domain name registration. Both GoDaddy and Wix are hosting providers that are primarily known for services other than hosting.

Use your Wix site with an external domain host | Help Center

When you have bought a domain from another hosting company and want to keep it there, you can link the domain to your Wix site by using one of the following options: only on Wix's server and not on others. The decision to also have your domain hosting at Wix gives you the ability to manage your web site in one place through your Wix affiliate accounts.

Tip: Find out more about the differences between the transfer and the connection of your domain to Wix.

Transmit or associate a GoDaddy domain name with a Wix site.

The Wix offers you the opportunity to submit your domain name and link it to your Wix Premier plan. If you associate your domain name, it means it will stay with GoDaddy, but it will refer to your Wix site. Migrating your domain name from GoDaddy to Wix means that you are migrating it from the former to the latter, after which Wix will host your domain name.

Eventually, everyone who enters your domain name will see your Wix page. Can a GoDaddy domain name be moved to a Wix Premier email address? Once you have moved your GoDaddy domain name to your Wix Premier Moneyount, Wix becomes your domain name registration agent. Not all domain name transfer methods are available for all domain name type names.

The most important domain name type like.com,.net and.org can be transferred to Wix. Please read this technical release to find out how to move your domain name from GoDaddy to Wix: "Transfers a purchased domain to Wix." This is how you associate a GoDaddy domain name with a Wix Premium account:

Maybe you want to keep your domain name as your domain register. In this case, you can link your domain name from your goaddy to a Wix site. Googleaddy will help you, however, if you just call the customer service area. "Connection of a domain purchased elsewhere." If you buy the eCommerce, Unlimited or Combo plans, your domain name will be free for the first year.

Note, however, that the following year you will be required to make a payment for your domain(s).

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