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Wix.com domain name registration contract Wixpress Ltd. has entered into this domain name registration arrangement ("Agreement"). "and you, your successors, representatives, successors as well as assigns recipients ("you"), and will be effective as of the date of your electonic acceptance by you of these TOS. The present contract specifies the rules for your use of the Wix Domain Name Registration (hereinafter the "Services") and, together with the corresponding rules in the General Rules of Use for the Wix Service (see http://www.

wix. com/about/terms-of-use; the "Wix.com Rules of Use"), the whole contract between you and Wix in relation to the registration of domain names.

At Wix, domain names are registered through an automatic computer system provided by Network Solutions LLC. Acknowledging that Network Solutions is the authorised domain name registration agent for such domain names and not Wix. Accordingly, any registration of a domain name by Wix in excess of the provisions of this Agreement shall be governed by the provisions of the Network Solutions Service Agreement, which can be found here.

Acknowledging that the receipt by Wix of an applicant's request to register a domain name with The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") is through Wix, you accept that Wix is responsible for the registration of your domain name. Your participation in this deal constitutes your acknowledgement that you have reviewed, understood and accepted all of the provisions of this License and any other agreements included herein by reference, which include the Disputes Settlement Guidelines and the ICANN Transfer Disputes Resolution Policy.

Additionally to the transaction you have made on your name, you also acknowledge and consent to be subject to the provisions of this Agreement if the transaction was made on your name by someone who acts as your agent and the transaction was made by someone who uses the Wix accounts you have created, whether or not the transaction was made on your name.

Recognize that the registration of domains is governed by an arrangement between Wix and ICANN. Either you accept that this License may be amended to conform to applicable law and regulation and/or the requirements established by ICANN and/or the registry administrator selected by ICANN, and any registration policy or guidelines posted from-time to time by Wix and/or by Wix.

If you apply for the Services through the Wix on-line registration or otherwise, or use the Services provided by Wix under this Agreement, you represent that you have reviewed and agreed to be bound by all of the provisions of this Agreement and the documentation contained herein. At SecurityWix we do not warrant the safety of your domain name registration data, and you accept all risk that your chosen passwords and/or passphrases may be exposed to the risk of deceptive, non-authorized or unlawful activities.

However, you acknowledge and understand that you may not assign your domain name registration to another domain name holder within the first sixty (60) calendar day following the date your first domain name registration by Wix becomes effective. Wix will not assign your domain name registration to another domain name holder. You further acknowledge and understand that you may not assign your domain registration to another Registrar sixty (60) calendar days following a modification of your primary contact information or WHOIS administration contact information for your accounts.

Your domain name registration may be transferred to a third person of your choosing without prejudice to the processes and policies described in Annex F to the Network Solutions Service Agreement (available at: www.networksolutions.com/legal/static-service-agreement. jsp#f and referenced herein). Transferring a domain name registration service to a third person does not in any way relieve you of your duty to abide by all the provisions of this Agreement, and you are liable for any damages arising out of the unlawful use of our domain name registration service by that license holder.

Except as otherwise provided in the Wix Privacy Policy, you hereby authorize Wix and Network Solutions to share the following obligatory information, which you must submit when you register or reserve a domain name, with third party through an interactive, public registration data base (e.g., WHOIS) so that Wix and Network Solutions can adhere to the latest Domain Name System policy and guidelines:

a) the domain name(s) you have registrated; b) your name and mailing adress; c) the name(s), mailing adress(es), e-mail address(es), phone number(s) and if available the facsimile number(s) of the tech, administration and invoicing contact(s) for your domain(s); d) the IP log numbers of the main name server and the second name server (s) for that domain name(s); e) the corresponding name( s) of that name server(s); and e) the corresponding name(s) of that name server(s).

When you are a person who wants to decide not to display your information in the World Health Organization Information System (WHOIS) databases, you must select the registration services offered on the website. We may transfer this registration information to a trustee authorized or appointed by ICANN to store this information in accordance with ICANN's policies.

By registering a domain name through Wix, you consent to be subject to ICANN's applicable litigation guidelines (the "Dispute Resolution Guidelines"), which are contained herein and by referencing them form part of this Agreement. For the latest ICANN Domain Name Resolution Guidelines, please visit: www.icann.org/dndr/udrp/policy.htm.

If there is any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and those of the Dispute Resolution Directive, the terms of this Agreement shall supersede them. The parties are fully cognizant of the fact that the dispute resolution arrangements may change from occasion to occasion. Upon the entry into force of any changes to the Dispute Resolution, you acknowledge and understand that by retaining the right to reserve or register your domain name, you have consented to such changes.

If you do not accept such a change, you accept that you may cancel this Agreement. b ) we are notified by you and the other complaining parties of your registration and use of our domain name registration service that the disagreement has been resolved. By registering you consent to our compliance with all local and foreign judicial decisions and/or domain name registrations against you.

By registering your selected domain name, you acknowledge and understand that this registration does not create any waiver of your right to any opposition to the registration or use of your domain name. There are no assurances, promises or assurances by Wix that your suggested domain name registration application will be approved by the appropriate registrar.

Either way, you recognize and accept that Wix and/or Network Solutions' application to register a domain name with a registrar may be unsuccessful or denied by the appropriate registrar for a variety of causes, not least the fact that your application to register a domain name was not filed for the first instance.

They confirm and accept that the success of registration depends on a number of different determinants that Wix cannot anticipate or monitor. However, you understand and accept that we may discontinue, terminate or transmit your registration for domain names, and we may stop, terminate or transmit your registration for domain names: a) rectify any error made by Wix, another member registration company, or the registration authority in the registration of your selected domain name; c) rectify any non-authorized modification to the domain name accounts.

If you do not reasonably react to a Wix transmission acknowledgement, you understand and accept that Wix may refuse any application to transmit a domain name registration that may otherwise be transmitted to another Registry. In addition, you recognize and agree that, under ICANN's relevant guidelines for the assignment of domain name, it is possible to assign your domain name to another Registrar even though the assignment was not actually authorized by you, and you consent to our not being held responsible to you for such non-authorized assignments.

Also, you recognize and agree that we cannot monitor the acts of any third party, whether authorized by you or not, whether in relation to a domain name assignment or a revocation or denial of a revocation of a domain name assignment, and that we cannot be held responsible to you, whether or not the assignment has been authorized by you.

Wix may, but is not required to, grant your domain name registration a domain protect state in order to protect your domain name from tampering with your domain name registration as described on the Website. In order to submit a domain name registration that is in domain protection state, you accept and consent that you may first need to gain entry into the Domain Protect domain name registration management tools on our website and delete the domain name registration from the Domain Protect state.

We may allow, but you acknowledge and agree that we are under no obligation to extend, your domain name registration service after the expiry date. At the end of the domain name registration period and prior to deletion or renewal, you consent to our forwarding the domain name to an IP addressee provided by us, in particular to an IP addressee that houses a car park site, an under development site, or another temporarily hosted site, and you consent to our placing our tracking information in the issue of World Health Organization (WHOIS) for the domain name that has elapsed.

If you do not extend the domain name during an additional term, you accept that we may, in our absolute judgment and on your account, assign the domain name to Wix or to a third person in any way Wix deems fit, unless you tell us otherwise and your omission to do so after the expiry date of the domain name constitutes your agreement to such assign.

You will be informed by Wix about such a transmission by e-mail after it has been concluded. Wix may influence such domain transfers in the case of cancellation of this Agreement as a consequence of your violation of its conditions. We are not obligated to make payments to you or otherwise indemnify you, and you do not have any right to obtain any revenue, if any, in relation to such domain transfers.

Wix's (and Network Solutions') capability to offer service to you is partly dependent on the performance of third services, such as the responsible registrar offering Country Code Top Level Domains ("ccTLDs") or Generic Top Level Domains ("gTLDs"). In no event shall Wix be held responsible to you or any other person for any claim, damage, loss, expense or cost you incur or incur as a consequence of the acts of any third person, whether in an action of contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise, even if Wix has been advised of the possibility of such liability, even if Wix has been advised of the possibility of such liability, even if Wix has been advised of the possibility of such liability, including, without limitation, with respect to the registration of your computer or your computer.

Additionally to the stipulations of section 18 of the General Wix Conditions of Use, you are obliged to keep Wix indemnified, released, defended and indemnified for all liability, demands, damages, cost and expenditure resulting therefrom: a) your failure to comply with any provision of this Agreement; b) your failure to comply with the rights of any third parties in connection with your registration; c) your disagreement with the relevant registrar or any third parties resulting from your registration; e) your use of the domain name(s) you are registering with the relevant registrar.

REGISTERING A DOMAIN NAME DOES NOT GIVE YOU ANY PROTECTION, RIGHT OR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY REGISTRATION, NOR DOES IT GIVE YOU ANY RIGHT TO ANY PARTICULAR REGISTRATION OF DOMAIN NAMES. For the services you acquire, you hereby consent to paying Wix the charges specified on the Wix Website (the "Website") at the date of your acquisition of such services from Wix in accordance with the conditions of remuneration stated on the Website.

Except as expressly provided on the Website, all domain registration charges are immediately due and non-refundable. Either you accept to reimburse all VAT, duties, charges and other applicable tax (other than Wix Revenue taxes) in connection with the services or payment you make under this Agreement. Except as otherwise noted on the Site, all Wix Services fee payment is made in U.S. dollars.

Wix, as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the privacy of our visitors and their use of our domain name registration services, is offering its visitors free of cost to join Wix's SPAM protection services or any other name determined by Wix ("Wix SPAM Protection") at their own option.

It is Wix SPAM Protection's intention to safeguard you from spamming and attempted vicious attacks on your e-mail and phone numbers as this information is available to the general public via the domain name's wois list, as requested by ICANN. Except as otherwise permitted by ICANN, you must give us truthful, accurate, and up-to-date information during the domain name purchasing procedure via the Wix-Platform, as described above.

While Wix stores your above mentioned information in accordance with this Agreement, Wix will not add your e-mail and phone number to the publically accessible weris list, but will instead elect to use an alternate e-mail address (e.g., ) and phone number, both of which could point the individual attempting to reach you to the specific request page of a particular request page.

Remaining of your identities and your contacts information will be public unless you buy privacy/proxy service. We may from times to times alter our information to reflect a "Registrant Change" under ICANN's Transfers Policy (the "Transfer Policy"). If this is the case, you expressly oppose a 60-day block on transfers between registrars that would otherwise be applied under the Transfers Directive due to such a switch of registrant.

You further expressly empower the Registry of the domain name you own herein to act as its Designated Agent (as that term is set forth in the Transfer Policy) to accept any "Registrant Change" (as that term is set forth in the Transfer Policy) on your behalf. 2. Wix will only treat e-mails and voicemails that Wix receives in relation to your particular domain name and that have been subscribed to the Wix SPAM Protection Service as follows:

In its sole judgment and without giving Wix any warranty to you, Wix may stop or discontinue the Wix SPAM Protection Services and disclose your e-mail and/or phone number in certain instances, without limitation to the following: a) When and as legally mandated; b) to follow a judicial procedure delivered to Wix; c) to follow ICANN, Registry and/or Registrar guidelines and practices; d) to settle third parties disputes in accordance with ICANN, Registry or Registrar guidelines;

Wix considers that good faith disclosures are necessary to further investigate an allegation of infringement; or (g) Wix considers that you are using the Wix SPAM Protection Services to hide your participation in unlawful or harmful activity.

The registrant retains full ownership of the domain name and its registration information and may deactivate and activate the Wix SPAM protection services at any times through your registration area. Unless the Wix SPAM protection deactivation is disabled, it is subjected to a 60-day inter-registrar transmission bar. We are not responsable or accountable for the cancellation or omission of the storage or transmission of contents and other messages that are managed or transferred through the use of the Wix SPAM protection services.

The Wix SPAM Protection is provided by Wix on an "as is" manner and does not guarantee that the Wix SPAM Protection Services are accurate or continuous. Wix will not be liable for any losses or liabilities arising out of or in connection with this Agreement: i) the accidental discovery or misappropriation of your personally identifiable information; ii) delay or interruption of accessing our website or the websites of our affiliates; iii) delay, late shipment or mis-delivery of information between you and Wix; iv) cancellation, storage, handling or discontinuance of e-mail communications sent or transmitted to you or to the e-mail addresses provided for your domain; v) handling of up-to-date information about your User ID; vi) any act or failure by you or your representatives (whether or not by them) to act on your behalf or on behalf of your representatives.

Please use one of the methods below to contact our customer service department: Except as otherwise stated herein or on our website, the Services will be bought for the duration stated at the moment of purchasing and may thereafter be renewed for consecutive periods as determined during the extension proces.

Every revocation of your Wix subscription shall be governed by our then-current General Business Practices, inclusive but not restricted to the success of an appropriate authentification process and the receipt by the Registrar of all relevant registration charges due at the date of revocation and the registration of your domain name.


We may give you the option to "sign up" for our automated renewals in accordance with the directions (and your acceptance of the applicable policies) on the Website. If you use the Automated Extension Services, you understand and accept that approximately sixty (60) calendar days before your Services expire, Wix will try to extend your Services for the same period of time that will apply to the Services at the then-current rate for the Services.

In the event that you choose to renew the Services, you accept and accept that the renewals fee may be higher or lower than the fee that you have currently charged for the relevant applicable period of the Services and that we are entitled to debit your debit or debit card or any other form of financing (e.g. PayPal) that is deposited for the renewal(s) of the Services.

At Wix, you understand and understand that Wix may disclose your information about your financial information to third parties who offer Wix products or solutions to you in order to update your expiry date, your bank balance number or your billing information. We rely on the information you give Wix (as part of the registration process) to deliver to you important information and communications about your and our products andervices.

All right, you agree: 2. keep and up-date the information you provided to Wix when you purchased the Services in accordance with the change policy to keep it up-to-date, comprehensive and correct. Your purchases of the services offered herein are governed by the Wix Data Protection Policy (available at: http://www.wix. com/about/privacy).

Wix may, in its absolute judgment, change its privacy policy from that point in the future. If you do not accept such a change, you accept that you may cancel this License Term. You will not be refunded any fee you pay if you cancel your arrangement with us.

You agree that Wix may cancel this Agreement or any part of the Service at anytime if you breach any of your obligations under this Agreement, that Wix will not reply within ten (10) days to a request from us regarding the correctness or truthfulness of the information set forth in Section 5 of this Agreement if we in our absolute judgment find that you have breached the Wix Terms and Conditions contained in this Agreement and become part of this Agreement by referencing it, or that Wix will provide thirty (30) days' advance notification in writing if Wix cancels or materially changes its service to you.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary above, if you violate any provision of this Agreement, Wix may, in its absolute and absolute judgment, immediately and without prior notification to you, discontinue or discontinue your Services. You may still incur royalties on blocked account (s) and will still be liable for paying all royalties incurred during the applicable royalty year.

Unless otherwise specifically stated herein or on the Website, Wix may discontinue the charge to your shopping cart for service charges at the end of the accounting period in which the notice is given. Except as otherwise provided in Wix's written agreement, you will not be refunded for any payment already made by you at the date of cancellation and there may be extra charges (in the case of payment of a renewal period over time).

Wix agrees that in the event of cancellation for any reasons, Wix may remove all information relating to you through the Wix Services, if any. In the event that notice of this Agreement is due to your failure to perform, you will pay all charges for such notice, up to and Including all reasonable charges incurred by Wix in connection with the closure of your User Agreement.

However, you accept to bear all expenses Wix may incur in the enforcement of your adherence to this section. Wix retains the right, in its absolute judgment, to decline to accept the registration of a selected domain name or to cancel the domain name you have selected within the first thirty (30) business day following the date of your receiving your deposit for that domain name.

If we do not enroll your selected domain name or cancel your selected domain name within a thirty (30) days grace term, we will reimburse any fees you have made. We will not be held responsible to you for any losses or damage resulting from our failure to registration your selected domain name, your cancellation of your selected domain name, or your failure to registration you for other Wix services.

Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, during the period of this Agreement you consent to Wix doing so: To ( 1 ) review the provisions of this Agreement; and/or ( 2 ) modify any portion of the Services provided under this Agreement at any Time. All such revisions or modifications shall be final and effect as soon as the amended agreement or modification to the Services is posted on the Wix Website or notified to you.

In order to be informed of such changes, you must regularly check the Site, and include the most recent Wix Terms of Use and this Agreement (as posted on the Site). In the event that you do not wish to modify this Agreement, you may cancel this Agreement at any point by notifying us.

If you continue to use the Wix Services after a modification of this Agreement or a modification of the Services, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by those modifications. None of Wix's employees, contractors, agents or representatives is entitled to alter or supplement the provisions of this agreement.

If your representative (e.g. a natural or legal persons on your name and/or in your name) has bought services from Wix on your name, you still accept that you are a client of Wix and are therefore subject to all provisions contained herein (and/or in the General Wix User Agreement and/or in the Network Solutions Service Agreement).

Ongoing use of our service will confirm any unauthorised activity by your agents. Through the use of your log-in name, your bank number or your passwords or otherwise pretending to act on your behalf, your representative confirms that he/she has the right to request our service on your behalf, that he/she has the right to be bound by the provisions of this License and any other agreements included by reference, that he/she has informed you of the provisions of this License and that he/she has the right to act on your behalf. 2.

Disclaimer of any term of this Agreement shall be valid only if made in written form and executed by an authorised Wix agent. Wix's appeals under this Agreement are cumulative rather than alternate and the choice of one appeal for infringement does not prevent Wix from pursuing other appeals.

Neither party's default in requiring at any moment or from time to time the fulfilment of the other party's obligation under this Agreement shall prejudice its right to subsequently enforce anything in this Agreement and the surrender of any right resulting from any infringement shall not be interpreted as a surrender of any right resulting from any previous or consequential infringement.

Assuming that any Act of God described in this section lasts for more than thirty (30) total consecutive business day, Wix may immediately cancel this Agreement. Hereby it is hereby understood that the terms of Schedules B through C-13 of the Network Solution Service Agreement, which contain supplementary terms regarding the sale and registration of various domain name( "NSA"), are explicitly included by referencing herein and shall be considered an incorporated part of this Agreement.

If this Agreement ends as provided herein, Sections 2, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13 and 14 of this Agreement shall continue to apply after the expiry of such period or upon cessation.

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