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The WixTrim is a Windows Installer XML (WiX) File Visual Editor. An HTML editor is also available for those who want to go beyond the simplest options. Interactive editor for WiX setup projects. Interactive WiX setup editor that easily manages the files to install. The usability is a strong area for Wix because the Drag&Drop editor is simply bug-free.

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With the Wix application you can now simply administer your company on the go. Explore a new way to administer your website, company and blogs. Wix Shop - A Great ExperienceWelcome to the Wix Shop Welcome. Shoppingby Wix is a shop-browser, which offers clients all around the topic.....

Wix ShoutOut application is the simplest way to make, email and distribute your favorite email on the go. The Wix Restaurants - Administrate your orders on the go. Wix ShoutOut application is the simplest way to make, mail and distribute great e-mails on the go.... Download Wix ShoutOut application to get the most out of your Wix ShoutOut....

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Robust frameworks for comprehensive Microsoft Office adaptation. Utilize solutions models, visually designed tools, and component parts to build version-neutral, robust, and easy-to-deploy enhancements for all Office workstations. You can use this powerful graphical utility to build thread-safe, hardened, quarantined, deployable, contextsensitive Web Explorer add-ons. You can use your own designer and component to tailor the IE user experience with custom button, item, contextual, sidebar, and more.

You can use this VSTO add-on to design extended viewing and forms panes for 17 different areas of the Outlook Explorer Primary and all Outlook Inspector panes. It is an add-on for Visual Studio that allows programmers to quickly build WiX-based setups in Visual Studio style. Builds multiple editing tools with the Visual Studio IDE and provides a range of powerful tools to help you customize the filesystem, registration, user interfaces, customized operations, startup requirements, and more for your installation work.

Create safe, administered, isolated, operational, and version-neutral plug-ins for Outlook Express and Windows Mail with this easy-to-use and easy-to-use kit. Provides high-performance solutions template, Outlook Express customizers, custom component builders, visually designed tools, and assistants for enhanced Outlook Express menu, toolbar, area, and region customization. View the full range of Outlook Express customizers. All VDProj set-ups can be converted to WiX with one click using this easy-to-use add-on.

Supports all Visual Studio releases and all functions of Visual Studio, as well as variable, package, user-defined action, built-in dialog, and more. Just a few words of additional coding to circumvent Outlook Object Model Guide and prevent Microsoft Outlook from creating safety alerts in add-ins and automated Microsoft Outlook application. Specially designed component of Web Designer allows you to quickly create SharePoint or Office 365 customized web pages and quickly insert a new web page into your current work.

Cutting-edge Outlook view and form customization technologies.

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