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This guide will guide you through updating the MX records in your Wix domain. The Wix ShoutOut is an easy-to-use email marketing solution from Wix.com.

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My customers as Wix designers often ask me how they can use Wix's email delivery system, ShoutOut. By uploading your customers and adding customer application form to the Wix website, you can then use their ShoutOut "email marketing" platforms to submit them to your customer mailing lists. When importing email contact, the simplest way is to generate a CSV filename (comma delimited values) that can be created by placing one email per line in Excel and then export it as a CSV.

It is also possible to specify name, telephone number and other cross-column information (one participant per line) to store this information in the data base even though only one e-mail is used. When you click on " Get Contact ", Wix will guide you through the process of importing your Gmail contact or CSVs.

  • When you have a subscriber, make sure that you click on "Set your contact as a subscriber" Full imports and you are a subscriber will be in the subscriber queue! You can now choose this group listing when you email viahout Out. BIG EMAIL LINES big email lines hints & warnings: if you already have a large email line with over 500-1,000 users to be imported, Wix ShoutOut will prevent you from mailing to your whole line and will ask you to split your users into smaller lines and mail to less than 500 at once to begin.

If you get good answers, you can gradually add 500 at a stretch until you have reached your full listing area. That' s disappointing, so if you have used MailChimp or other ways to get a large email queue, you should not use Wix's Shout Out if you have something that works due to this restriction.

This can be surmounted by gradually increasing more and more to the lists and establishing a good record to add more, but it needs your hands, and nowadays... who has them?!

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