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Via mailboxes | Help Center Establishing your inbox is the first stage in creating a professional-looking email experience that is brand-centric and complements your website. Please click here to see how you can profit from buying a P.O. box. Wix allows you to buy a box or just link an email acquired elsewhere.

Well, what's a PO box? It is a box that can contain several e-mails at the same inbox. That means that if you are the administrator of your voicemail, you can easily include people who have their own customization of the master mail. If your administrator e-mail is admin@domain.com, for example, you can create further accounts with email address like employee1@domain.com and employee2@domain.com..

G Suite? What's G Suite? The G Suite (from Google Cloud) gives you a personalised email account in your inbox, along with other smart and safe online applications. Buy ing and installation of a post box about Wix: Click here to buy a post box through Wix. Click here to create your inbox.

Click here to configure the email address in your inbox. Connect an existing P.O. Box (purchased elsewhere) to Wix: When your inbox has been bought elsewhere, you need to know how your domains are linked to Wix to be able to retrieve your inbox connectivity data: It is possible to refresh the MX record in your Wix account yourself.

Please note: If you are not sure how to change these datasets, you can submit a screenshots of the datasets provided by your hosting and we will take care of the remainder. All your DNA entries are administered by your domains hosts. Consult your preferred hosting provider for help administering your mail-related data sets.

Supplementary voicemail options: As soon as your G-Suite box is established, you can use it: Reroute emails: Or you can tell the email servers to forward email to a different email destination or send email from unidentified receivers to a catch-all email destination instead of sending them. Create an email alias: is basically a second email that will receive the same email as your purchase G-Suite box, has a different email adress, but is associated with the same domains.

Please note: If your inbox is not from G Suite, please contact your inbox hosting for more information.

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