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Personalised e-mail and inbox | E-mail domains Well, what's a PO box? An Inbox is an email inbox with an email containing your name. If your domainname is mydomain.com, for example, it could be a mailbox with that domainname, or sales@mydomain.com.

Their own personalised e-mail makes a great deal of business impact with prospective clients and facilitates contacting you.

The Wix mailbox provides several user-defined mailbox settings - see below. Beyond a personalised email adress, it is a high-performance utility for shopkeepers who want to administer their company and website in one place. Are you not sure how to get or join your own brand? Please click here to find out more about your possibilities.

You already have an email address with a single domains? Find out more in our simple step-by-step guide in the Wix Help Center.

To link your email to your Wix website

You probably already noticed that Wix makes it quite simple for anyone to build a website. Did you know that we also provide shopkeepers with all the necessary utilities they need to maintain their web sites just as simply? From your Wix Dashboard, you can keep abreast of your customers' important information, deliver breathtaking email updates to advertise your company, and more.

One of the utilities that every serious company needs in today's global environment is a user-defined email adress. It is important to build a powerful, catchy franchise and make it easier for your customer to recall you and get through to you. I really need a badge email adress? One of the most important ways to advertise your trademark and show your shoppers that you are a legitimate and reputable company is to have a customized email account.

Normally, you want your email adress to be the same as your web adress, also known as youromainname. Indeed, you must have a user-defined domains before you can setup your email. If you select your domains, you will find something that is easily remembered, easily spelled and contains your company name.

If you own Fat Cat Pizza, for example, a great place to start would be www.fatcatpizza.com and your email could be info@fatcatpizza.com or yourname@fatcatpizza.com. You are not willing to pay for user-defined e-mails? Or you can get a free email containing your brandname, e.g. fatcatpizza@gmail.com. Shall I link my email to my website?

We recommend that you continue with this if you are interested in making your job easier and save yourself valuable work. Connecting your brand-name email to Wix allows you to directly administer your email addresses - and those of your staff - from Wix.com. Administering your emails along with your website gives you one less log-in and one less passphrase to keep in mind and one less payout to keep up with.

In order to link your brand email to your website, you must first own a website brand and administer it on Wix. Don't be alarmed, it's fast and simple. Have you already purchased a top-level domain from somewhere else? Click here to find out how to get your domains transferred to Wix.

Or to find out how simple it is to link a domainname you've bought elsewhere to Wix, here's a step-by-step guide. Now that you have your Wix domains, let's get you this new email adress! If you click on Buy a mailbox next to the corresponding domains. When my email is hosting outside of Wix, how can I link it to Wix?

Wherever your email comes from, our technical staff has a workaround. Here you will find detailed step-by-step guides to help you get your email connected to Wix.

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