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It was our goal to transfer the domains and mailboxes to a new private hosting service and maintain email traffic. Please click here to view Wix's email service offerings. Set up the G-Suite mailbox you bought from Wix | Help Center

Before you can use your GFI MailArchiver account, you must create it. Important: After buying your P.O. Box, please allow at least 3 working days before setting up. How to create your own email account in your area: How to create your own G Suite mailbox: Visit the My Mailboxes page and click Configure next to the appropriate inbox.

Specify a default email adress. Please input a username and password. Optionally, specify the extra mailbox detail in the empty e-mail boxes. Verify your account information. Select Create email. None of your other inboxes will be accessible until you accept the terms of the arrangement.

ShoutOut Wix, inform and check out this email marketer.

The Wix ShoutOut is an easy-to-use email campaign from Wix.com. It' s built for small business and allows anyone to simply compose, email and split email. Wix ShoutOut is an all-in-one application that allows advertisers to keep in touch at all times and generate, email and split all their email messages from their cell phones.

Built-in statistics tracking allows the originator to track the progress of the campaigns by showing how many individuals have opened, watched and selected the ShoutOut. Wix.com was established in 2006 and is a cloud-based web developer that enables anyone to simply build HTML5 and portable web pages using their own web drag-and-drop editors.

Wix has been a public NASDAQ stock exchange listing since 2013. The Wix ShoutOut started in 2014. Looking for a Wix ShoutOut option for your email campaign? Some Wix ShoutOut options are available. ShoutOut Wix Features Overview:

Redirection to Wix

You have two options for forwarding a domainname to Wix. Both can be done with a HostPapaccount, but there are some things you should keep in mind. When your domainname is in HostPapa, just hand in a new DNS record request. Unfortunately Wix does not offer email service.

When you modify DNS records for a property name to associate it with a Wix Account, you cannot have email address using your property (for example, if your property is mysite.com, you cannot have _____@mysite.com email addresses). Instead of DNS records, set an A-record. An A-record can be used to forward the "Website" part of the domains name to Wix while HostPapa's email service remains on.

As a result, you can still have email address that uses your domains name, although you must sign in to your HostPapa email accounts to see your email. HostPapa does not care if your domains are registrated via HostPapa. So long as the domainname points to a HostPapa-Hosting account, an A-Record can be used.

To use an A-Record, you must keep your HostPapa hosting user on.

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