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Latest tweets of the Wix Community (@WixCommunity). Connect the web with Wix.com! Take a look at the Wix Español Facebook statistics in Guatemala, such as the number of fans, retention rate and fan distribution by country.

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Currently Wix does not provide translations or a page translateing application. Our goal is to constantly upgrade and enhance our product, and your comments are very welcome. In case this is a function that you would like to see in the near term, please click tune for this function and we will keep you informed.

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"Talking to a man in a speech he can understand goes to his brain. When you speak to him in his own tongue, it goes to his heart." "There are five kinds of programmes we offer: an expedition, a nature protection programme for special offers, a photo workshop, a non-profit programme and our new programme on our campsite.

"Empowering our learners through our pioneering and accountable travelling experience to have a positive effect on life and community around the world..." To make sure we fulfill our missions, we continually review and assess our impacts in four key areas. Programmes for high schools offer young learners a great chance to face the practical challenge and take responsibilities.

Programme members work with other US college graduates and colleagues from North America to create and manage collaborative activities in areas such as humanity, children's equity and ecological responsibility. "In fact, for those who love studying the US word, one of the biggest advantages of a US field service position is not only that we have the chance to be educated in English, but that we get rewarded for it.

I will be travelling to Vienna in 2014 and at the moment I spend 100% of my free German study days - and get payed for it. Foreign Service Institute educates delegates in more than 80 different languages and a walk through the hall can be like a trip around the world.

Classrooms for classrooms of pupils who speak English, German, Mandarin, Norwegian, Georgic, Portugese, Korean and many other tongues fill the atmosphere with a true language of the United Nations...". The race to host tribal tongues under the assault of the "English onslaught" A major effort has been made to document several tribal languages, some of which are severely threatened and threatened with disappearance.

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language is developing a multimedia resource centre of audiovisual recording, language listings and fictionaries for at least 10 different language versions.

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