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Examples of Wix

Wix 14 website examples that will take off your stockings. So when we got into the website template play, we got down to small. Eventually we began to realize that humans need web sites for all types of uses - whether for their restaurants, B&Bs, dog runs, jewellery stores or other stores, the listing quickly expanded.

Use these next Wix sites as examples of what you can do when you begin with one of our themes and bring in your own unique note. It is an artwork that demands a particular kind of scenery. For this reason, this particular website submission was developed to present pictures - with a full width picture and nice gallery.

There' of course more to it - this tool makes it simple to find out more about the artist, see his whole range, get in touch, find pictures of his own show and even make a booking using Wix Bookings. Although he is not a photojournalist, he succeeded in using the fat, neat lay-out of the marriage photograph artwork to his benefit - and the results are more than harmonic.

Wix Restaurants has everything a restaurant business needs - its locations and opening times are easily found, the menus are shown on a separate page, and with the Wix Restaurants application you can even place orders directly from the website. However, this site is more than just a nice face, it gains important points for its functionality with a nice menus and an intuitive card that makes it simple to find.

He is a gifted graphic artist and design artist who has designed a website that provides eye candy. The website templates help make this process easier by not only looking amazing, but also add features with the Wix Bookings functionality. The Monica Pack website is a great example of someone who has chosen to adhere tightly to the original but renamed it as his own.

The beautiful eCommerce website templates are designed to boost your revenue. Made from the bike shop template: Made from the bike shop template: Made from the bike shop template: Anyway, if we were ever in Norway, we'd definitely buy a bike from Stahl Ross. It is important that we give them important points when they take a bike stand model that they want to use for their own bike stand, but at the same time adapt the look to be completely different for their great make.

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