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Complimentary Wix.com domain or a custom domain. Select the free option and your website is now live. Now you can view your website online and the website address looks like username.wix.


Create a blog on Wix, little by little| Blogging

In just a few easy clicks, you can build a breathtaking blog on Wix. Select a style sheet, customise the look and feel of the blog, link your domains and begin to write! Select a TemplateReady to build your blog? In the " " section of the Wix templates page, you'll find a dozen fully customisable themes to select from.

And if you don't like one of the blog themes, you can begin with one of Wix's empty themes. They can also blog to an exisiting Wix site in a few easy increments. In the Wix-Editor click on the yellow blog symbol in the side panel.

Then choose "Add Now" and a new blog page will be added to your website menusutomatically. As soon as the blog components are on your site, you can always click on the blog button to organize your blog or post new ones. Or you can go to the Pages submenu, click your blog page, and make changes directly on the page.

Next up is customizing the designs of your submission or blog page to your needs and the distinctive taste of your trademark. They should also substitute the model stick photos with your own photos. Attempt to select photos, text, and color that matches the sound of the blog you are creating.

His blog is full of pictures that show cyclists riding, training and spending quality leisure activities in the great natural environment. Using touch of shades of orange as well as shade of pink, he created an energizing, motivating feeling on his website. So if you are not sure what items you want in your blog at this early state, don't be afraid!

This means colours, scripts and pictures, as well as specific functions like a blog login window, a recent post history or a Tagcloud with populare topics you are writing about in your post. As soon as you are satisfied with the look of your new blog, it's your turn to formally name your blog.

It' not a job that should be taken lightly; you want to choose just the right name for your blog. Ideally, a name should refer to what your company is doing or what your blog is about. You may want a name that is enjoyable, whimsical or unforgettable, based on what you want to blog about.

Often blog posts have a dual connotation or play on words. On the other side, if you run a lawyer's office, then a funny blog name might discourage you from the standard of professionality you try to communicate in your letter. What are the guys you want to read your blog to and what name will they remember interestingly or easily?

Both the name of his store ("Leon's Wheels") and one of his most important key words ("Bikeshop") were contained in this name. Put it prominently as a track at the top of your blog. Saving the blog under the new name. We' ll show you in 6 how to link your blog to your new host.

It' s now your turn to use them in two brief articles about your blog that contain a caption and a synopsis. This text, known as a tag, has a powerful influence on how you perform on Google. And your track will appear at the top of a GoogleScore. They should be less than 60 chars long and contain the name of your blog.

You will see your name under your heading and should summarise what your blog is about. In order to customise the Meta Tag on your Wix site, click on the side menu and then choose your home page. Then insert your user-defined titles and descriptions in the fields provided. You should have your titles and descriptions contain some of your catchwords, but keep in mind to type for people.

They should be spelled so that they are easily understood and encourage people to come from Google to your blog. Be sure your headline and your short story describe your blog and what it's about. Well, your blog's up. In order to include your first blog entry, you can first edit the wildcard entries that came with your submission or click "Add New Blog Entry" in the Blog drop-down list.

With your blog theme and layouts done and you've posted your first entry (or two), you're set to link your own domains and go for it! In order to do this, you must first update your blog to one of the Wix Premium subscriptions. The majority of schemes include a voucher for a one-year free top level domains.

Premium plans also allow you to eliminate all wix adverts from your site and use more disk capacity, greater bandwith and the option to link your blog to Google Analytics so you can keep up with the flow of visitors to your blog. In the Wix Editor, click Upgrade and choose the one that best suits your needs.

You' ll get a voucher for your one-year free blog entry and be asked to associate a customized blog entry with your blog. Remember that it may take a few days until the blog is up and running on your new domains. Don't submit the hyperlink to your friend, relatives or clients until you've verified that the new site is connecting to your site.

When your blog is up and running, you want to take a few moments to make sure it looks good on your phone. First, it's likely that many folks will be reading your blog from a portable phone. Second, Google punishes websites that are not optimised for cell phones. Wix provides an easy-to-use portable blog generator that lets you customise the look and feel and choose the information you want to add to the portable part of your site to help you build your mobile-optimised blog.

Hint: To change to the Mobil Editors, click on the symbol of a cell telephone at the top right of your desktop, to the right of "Save".

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