Wix free Domain

Free Wix Domain

With this voucher you can register a domain for one year for free. The domain can be renewed in the following year at the regular price. Wix gives you two choices:

Is Wix offering a free domain and web site service?

But Wix has a free will. We host your website on the Wix-Domain (http://yourname.wixsite.com), you get 500 megabytes of space for your file and 1 GB bandwith (the amount of information that can pass from your website to your visitors). Wix will place advertisements on your website in exchange for the free subscription schedule.

So, the answer is yes, you can really get a Wix website for free, but there are several restrictions. Upgrading to a chargeable version is possible at any point in tim. One of the best value plans you can use to eliminate your ads is the "Combo" option with a price of $8.50 per monthly. You get a free domain name, 3 GB of disk space and 2 GB of bandwith.

But 2GB bandwith can't take you far if you begin to reach traffic on a media-heavy website. At $12.50/month you get 10GB of file space, limitless bandwith and a Shape builder application to help you build contacts and earn lead on your website.

The " Limited " schedule is a convenient schedule for most newcomers. Adding an on-line shop and using your website to resell your product on-line will require you to opt for the $16.50 per months "eCommerce" scheme. And the most costly is the "VIP" schedule, which allows you to run ten e-mail advertising promotions for $24.50 per month. What's more, you can also use the "VIP" schedule to promote your company's brand and brand.

Link your domain with Wix.

Wix.com is a free website for small businesses, small businesses, labels, musicians, photo journalists, artisans, businesses and on-line shops who want to build vibrant web pages and portable webpages. Featuring an easy to use WebsiteBuilder interface, breathtaking HTML5 template themes, easy-to-use pull & fall utilities, soft plug-ins, web applications, and portable optimization, adjusting and enhancing your website's web visibility does not require any programming knowledge.

What can I do to link my customized domain to my Wix site? Sign up or submit your own domain name (you can bypass this if you already have a domain with us). Choose your domain and choose "Wix.". Within a few moments you can link your nice website with your individual domain.

To successfully link your domain with Wix, please complete these simple instructions! Enter your domain name under 'Setup with Wix'.

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