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Link your own domain to your Wix site. You can now have a free Wix website. There are 5 good reason why you should not use Wix for your website

Scaled from 1 to MySpace pages, I think Wix sites are at an 8 (also known as advanced geocities).... Indeed, the only good thing about Wix sites is that they are so simple that even the most technically sophisticated individual can have a site up and run within an hours.

or Weebly) pages. They are a little scared when it comes to creating their web pages, but this is a short cut that is not profitable. I' m here to tell you why you shouldn't use Wix for your website or your blogs, no matter how alluring.

Many Wix sites are based on Flash bulletin board tech (they're trying to boost HTML5 now so they have this ability now), which is the foe of web blooming. That means that you already exclude some of the persons who want to see your website. Humans who browse the web on their mobile phone will have a tough job dealing with your website.

We' ve given our people the opportunity to build the desired contents and bring their personalities to their on-line lives, while retaining the same user-friendly, high-quality and visual appeal that Wix.com has given them. The HTML5 editors are designed to give Wix visitors the definitive website experiences with full controls over every single component of the website layout.

This is a useful utility that allows the user to build stunning web sites that are functionally easy to use and available to everyone on any machine. It made Wix much more socially responsive with more shared messaging utilities; full access on all your desktop, tablet and smartphone equipment; adding nice wallpapers with the new full-screen modes; improving search engine optimization by optimising each page separately; editing your layout with effortlessness by working on multiple elements at the same moment; applying changes to font and colour throughout the site and saving a lot of your website and so much more that has been changing since your last work.

More importantly, Google is not a Wix aficionado. Wix web pages are not chopped because it is not necessary.

The Wix is easy to find and your free Wix page is indeed listed. In addition, you've written that "you can't check Wix pages in Google Webmasters". Location verifier receives a beta tags from Google Webmaster Tools and places it on your Wix site. The Wix web pages download more slowly than those based on HTML (like WordPress), and this will loose those who want to learn about you.

Our perseverance is very low and we have to spend 10 seconds waiting to see that a website is something we are not used to. Slowly uploading websites turn off users, and first web experiences can be anything. UND With a slowly uploading website, you will continue to be punished by searching machines because they know that your website offers a bad consumer experiance and they don't want to guarantee it.

This goes back to Google who doesn't like it. At Wix, we understand that website load times are one of the most important things that affect the way your visitors interact with your site. On our site, a high rebound ratio, which leads to a lower Google rankings, is not an optional feature.

We' ve made many changes lately that should enhance the look and feel of your website, and that includes improving your website speed and performance: Automatic optimization of pictures for optimum website image and load times; 2. Use progressives pictures, i.e. pictures that are first displayed in lower image and gradually replay when your website is load; 3. Use a content delivery network (CDN), which is an inter-connected system of multiple location multiple storage repositories, so that your website contents can be uploaded from the nearest one.

Offering many functions (images, motion graphics, remote apps, video, slideshows, etc.), Wix urges its visitors to use them to build a great website. There is no need for your website to load slowly (except for other physical causes such as connectivity problems) if you have created your website according to the Wix-policy.

When Wix people are not happy with the load times of their websites, we recommend that they do a performance test on Webpagetest.org and email us a web page with its results and the website address. The results are examined and their locations reviewed. I' ve never seen a Wix website that looks very professionally and really cute.

In my view Wix pages don't look good or new. Obviously Wix and Wordpress are different, but that's because in many cases we address different target groups who are less technically proficient (I've been reading your earlier articles about this way and I'm sure we've had our disagreements, but you have to realize why some folks are at risk of some kind of programming).

Comparing us to other free website building sites, I really think we're proposing a great one for small and mid-sized companies and for those trying to build a breathtaking web experience. Furthermore, if you need help building your website from the ground up or even just updating an already established website, we provide you with Wix arenas - a communities that include a list of seasoned webmasters, Wix Pros, who provide their web site development service to other web site owners who believe their web sites could take advantage of the expertise of a pro webmaster.

Briefly, it is a web site designed professionally at an accessible cost. In order to inflict insults on injuries, Wix Web pages are not inexpensive. The WordPress (.org) application itself is free. You have full website capabilities and the capacity to adapt your mind. Meanwhile, Wix sites start at $4. 08 per month and that's the easiest one.

This is a self made screenshots of your website. I' m sure that if you look at us and compared us to other free website builders you will see that our pricing is really quite reasonable and appealing. Over the Wix advertisements on the free sides: Wix's freemium is its core competency, i.e. all functions of our products can be used free of charge.

While Wix provides invaluable premier service (hey, we also need to make money), our way of doing things allows us to give everyone a free access to a professionally designed website. Those who want to update their site will have their advertisements deleted and will get a free annual domainname (if they don't already have a domainname they want to transfer) and free $125 vouchers for Google/Bing advertisements.

We offer a number of premier schemes that allow our customers to get more space and bandwith, eliminate the Wix advertisements and associate their Wix site with their ownomainname. Paying for a premier site is still a much less expensive way to create a website than other web site building services (whether other web site developing sites or recruiting designers).

You can now have a free Wix website. When you want to build a website that looks great, has a great usability and is good with Google, a Wix site is not for you. WordPress scares a lot of folks because they think they have to be a techies to use it.

While I know that Wix websites are simple to setup, I don't think the simplicity should exceed the user-friendliness.

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