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You can read our complete Wix ShoutOut Review here. 10 Wix Website Examples (+ how they are compared to WordPress) In order to demonstrate this, we would like to show you a series of Wix website samples along with their WordPress mates. One page about gym and movement that was designed as one page and uses a beautiful parallel effect between the segments. There are colourful and memorable features to the look. It is a website of an Italian creativity studios specializing in frontend designing and developing.

Principally the site has the same one-sided, parallel and colourful look. This is a great full-screen page from a web designing company, where they present their best creative work in an attractive way. Also the WordPress version of the designer is very nice, with a full frame look and large pictures and movies.

This site also comes with a large slide control, a white-black colour chart and an interesting pre-loader, which is actually its trademark emblem. This is a face-to-face page created by Adam McCain to advertise his own franchise and careers work. This website looks easy, professionally and with big pictures on the homepage.

Adams McCain uses pallax scrolls and a one-sided look - a favorite among Wix website samples. That' s what the website of an artist is like. If you browse this page, you will have the impression of being part of a large, wide area. Pallax effect adds more feel and gives more detail to the rolling.

There is a very interesting and one-of-a-kind headers that is reversed when scrolling down. All on this page is large, colourful and uses prestigious typefaces and symbols. This animation is brilliant and reflects together with the overall concept the artist's visions. One of the Wix website samples is a biographical, CV-like website designed as a one-page site with a beautiful palladium look.

Linda Franzosi uses this page to tell you about her competences and abilities by presenting her best work and her best project from her entire CMS / graphic arts careers. She' s using a full-screen head and tapes with her abilities. Subject. Looks very similar to Linda's, with a one-sided lay-out and the same texture.

The VASoft is very nice and colourful, has videotapes (the headers themselves are a video) and a neat look overall. Folks like one-sided design. Website is easy, has a headers with an example of how he makes the outlines. They also use scrolls of para-laxes and a hot colour pattern.

Holzbasteler here have a bigger optics in the portofolio and bigger parts altogether. Its location is tidy and up to date and uses easy layout to present the product in the shop areas. Same big graphics, cleaner shop area, palladium effect for scroll and beautiful call to action button. There is a plain grid-like porfolio and a tidy styling, but the idea/theme is great.

Website for the same purposes, designed and illustrated, with a full frame headers and a plain look. Works are presented in a straightforward way, only the folder has a full picture for each of the categories. One of the best freestyle professionals in the business looks the same: one-sided, parallel effect, videos, power speakers, full width slider and more.

The Bloomberg Professional is a company with a good-looking website where they mix and match videos, animations and statics. It has a full size display and large pictures. This is a private portrait photo gallery of a professional artist, with a full-screen introduction page and easy access to grids. Website that collects the best pictorial displays in the can.

Follows almost the same layout as Gal Itzhak's website, with a full frame head and a basic photo lattice. What do they look like in comparison to WordPress if you just follow a few easy hints?

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