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Premium Wix Upgrade Plan What is a Premium Plan? With Wix, you get everything you need to build a breathtaking website for free, plus world-class hosting. Optionally, you can receive even more advantages and functionality by purchasing one of our premium packages. Which are the advantages of a premium scheme? There are many advantages to the Premium Plan.

Being able to link your own domains (e.g. ) gives your company credence and professionality and makes it easy for your public to find you. On most of our premium plan you can delete these flags.

Which advantages does the purchase of an annual austerity plan have? Annual schedules are very much in demand because most folks need a website for at least a year. With our annual schedules, we provide added value and functionality with up to 45% cost-saving. Annual VIP, annual eCommerce, annual unlimited and annual combination plan all contain a precious free gift certificate.

When you buy an annual plan, you are issued with an annual invoice for it. When you buy a plan for a particular period, the duration of the agreement is one months and you are invoiced every three months. Each of our premium schemes comes with a 14-day money-back-warranty.

By signing up for the annual E-Commerce, Yearly Unlimited or Yearly Combo plan, Wix will give you invaluable vouchers for Google Ad (new advertiser only) advertising. You will also receive a free one-year domainname. Does my Wix website include web hosting? Offering a full, dependable hosting for your website, with more than 99.9% uptime and continuous services.

The web hosting is free with or without premium subscription including. Subscribing to a premium subscription also allows you to link your own domainname to your Wix subscription. Meaning "connect your own domain"? When you have a free Wix site, your domainname will be in the following format: username.wixsite.com/sitename.

As soon as you have subscribed to a Premium Plan, you can link your own domainname (e.g. www.MyStunningWebsite.com) to your Wix page. Owning your own domainname is a great way to market your company and give it a good look and feel on the web. At Wix we offer a free of charge premium plan with the following premium plans: Annual eCommerce, annual unlimited and annual combo.

Please click here for connecting your domains. Can I buy my own domainname? Here you can buy your own domain at Wix. When you have bought a domainname elsewhere, you can move it to Wix. Each mailbox contains an e-mail with your website domains, 25 GB inbox, 5 GB cloud memory, shared calendars, documents, sheets and slides.

Is it possible to move my Premier Plans from one Wix site to another? In order to move your Premier Plans to another Wix site, log in to your Wix accounts > move your mouse pointer over Subscriptions > click on Premier Plans. Click Modify below your website and choose the new website to which you want to associate your Premier plan.

May I unsubscribe from a Premier plan? Cancellation of your Premier Plans within 14 business day will result in a full reimbursement. You will not be billed for your next cycle if you decide to terminate after this period. In order to log out, log in to your Wix Accounts, move your mouse pointer over the control box at the top right of the page and click Bill & Payments.

Choose the task list you want to reverse, and then click Reverse Task List. Will my Wix page be affected if I unsubscribe from my Premier Plans? By cancelling your Premier Plans, your Wix page will revert to the free Wix Ad and Wix Domains (username.wixsite.com/sitename) versions. What do I do to get my Premier Plans?

It is possible to buy a premium subscription with a single payment method and popular debt payment methods.

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