Wix Hosting Cost

Hosting Wix Costs

Free pages; Free hosting; Free Wix-Branded Domain; Wix ads. One of the main attractions of GoDaddy's hosting services is certainly the cost.

Analytics integration, custom domain names, and free hosting.

Hosting Prices

There are 6 Wix hosting schedules available, all of which are included in the package rate. In fact, Wix has a free subscription that gives you a Wixomain with 500 GB of disk space and 1 GB of bandwith. You will, however, place Wix advertisements on your website if you agree with this schedule. Join a Domains - For $5.00/month you get 1GB of bandwith and 500MB of disk space.

But with this schedule you will also be able to place Wix advertisements on your website. Combos - For $14/month you get a free 1-year domainname, limitless pages, 2GB bandwith and 3GB disk space. Choosing the annual schedule will cost you $10/month and only $9/month for the two-year schedule.

Unrestricted - For $16/month you get a free 1-year domainname, unrestricted pages, unrestricted band width and 10GB of disk space. The annual subscription lowers the cost to $14/month and the two-year subscription is only $11/month. eCommerce - For $20.00/month you get a free 1 year name, limitless pages, 10GB bandwith and 20GB disk space.

However for the annual schedule it is $17/month and only $15/month with a two-year schedule. For $30/month you get a free 1 -year domainname, limitless pages, limitless bandwith and 20GB of disk space. If you have an annual schedule, it will cost you $25/month and $22/month if you have a two-year schedule.

Wix-Hosting has a lot to offer. For more information about Wix-Hosting, visit the following videos:

Innovation Centre Sussex

Sussex Innovation's Catalyst team has conducted web site development for our members using Wix and WordPress - two of the industry leaders in web site development. Please click here to view Part 1 - Usability, Part 2 - Style and Functionality or Part 3 - Analytics and Performance.

At first sight, Wix is the more costly of the two here and provides less hosting versatility. Since WordPress is basically a free self-hosting program, it is best to sign up with a web hosting company like GoDaddy who will setup and service your WordPress page for you.

Again, most of these schedules involve a single domains and the establishment and servicing of your WordPress page. With a little practice with both plattforms it is clear that Wix and WordPress are conceived for very different clients and are tailored to meet special needs. WordPress, on the other side, is much more difficult to use and takes a lot of research and effort to be effective.

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