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To embed an iframe (external code or components) on your Web site, use the HTML element. It is not recommended to add Flash with the HTML element. To insert external HTML code, you can use the HTML app. Only a small part of the code behind a Wix site is HTML.

HTML code policies and restrictions and embedding page elements | Help Center

item. Use the HTML tag to include an iFrame (external source or component) in your Web site. You can, for example, insert a calendaring application or an outside application such as a contact sheet. Now Wix has published Wix Codes! They can use Wix-code to write coding to gain acces to third-party Web siteervices. Call a third-party Web site directly from your client-side Web site security policy.

Important: We cannot offer assistance for HTML outside of Wix, as the HTML is not Wix-proven. It is recommended to test your source before publishing. Ensure that your source is HTTPS, not HTTP, otherwise it will not appear on your web page.

The HTML document is described by HTML tag. Usually HTML tag occur in couples like and . The tag size is critical to maintain the page layout you are trying to embedded. The HTML contains the key page components, but the page layout preferences and other advanced features are usually saved seperately.

Therefore, some items may not work or look the same if the HTML does not include the references to the items, such as the HTML and JS file. Make sure that the source you embed is up to date and HTML5 enabled. The majority of web browser do not correctly show pages and scripting when they have been created with older HTML version.

HTML elements and page elements in our editor are iFrames. Therefore, the source or site you are embedding does not respond, even if it initially exists. A number of websites have safety guidelines that prohibit them from being imbedded on outside plattforms (e.g. Wix). Those pages may not appear in the editor or within the web site after you have inserted the hyperlink or HTML part.

On your site, HTML within the HTML item is shown in a sand-boxed iFrame. The use of a sandpit will protect Wix page users from possible side effect of user-defined HTML/JS/CSS codes. We have, however, re-enabled the following capabilities for your customized coding according to the World Wide Web (W3C) specifications:

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